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The Boy’s EK

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-26-2004

The Boy and I watch the game together. I am a very poor replacement for some one who knows what they are talking about. For most of the game, The Boy assures me that everything is simply going fine. We do, however, have moments when both of us simply close our eyes, hug each other and wait to see what has happened.

We both think that Dr. Evil ( Stam) played a stunning game.

Suppose that I shall have to invite the Waltons over for the next match-

Have someone about who can say something sensible-

  1. Marjan Said,

    I don’t watch voetbal normally but I did yesterday (Bente asked if she could stay up and watch it with me!) and I enjoyed myself very much! What an exciting game!!
    And I agree….Stam played very well.

  2. sue Said,

    Yep, it was. I hate when a game goes into penalties though- makes me so nervous that I would prefer to leave the room and come back when it’s all over.

    But Mike told me this morning that he had a wonderful evening.

    What a nice boy he is….watching football with your mother…..

  3. Catherine Said,

    Bravo Nederland!

    I agree with both Mike and Sally about HP3 – the best so far (and the darkest – poor Callum, he’s not going to see it for years) and it did miss out a lot.

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