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Animal Ambulance

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-3-2004

As I was preparing dinner tonight ( penne in a carbonara sauce), the children were playing Animal Ambulance in the kitchen. They had our 18 year old cat in The Baby’s baby- doll buggy ( I’m guessing that this was the ambulance of the story) and wheeling her over to the Vet’s.

The Girl ( as usual) was someone in charge at the Vet’s- either a chief nurse or the Vet herself. As the cat was wheeled in by the ambulance drivers- The Baby and The Boy- Honcho Girl was gathering the details of the case.

The children were playing in Dutch .

And The Girl was using a Belgian accent.

I wonder why ?

  1. catherine Said,

    Just dropping in to say salut et adieu (that’s french, you know) as Callum and I are off to the seaside until Thursday. Hope the remaining Hanless days go smoothly.

  2. sue Said,

    French ! The seaside !

    Hope you have a wonderful time, certainly wish that I were there-

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