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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-3-2004

I’ve managed to hook up Wicked Step-Mother’s …uh..laptop ?…notebook ? in our living room upstairs.

While I don’t have spellcheck, I now have a computer in a room in which I can smoke.

This is a big deal, and shall make my life much easier once The Father leaves. If nothing else, I can re-vamp a website which needs it, piddle about in another world, while I try to help out here.

Which I very much want to do.

  1. melanie Said,

    I truly wish that there were still over-the-pole flights so you could stop here on the way home… next year when John racks up the airmiles – I hope! enjoy your time here, prayers for your father, I’m sure you’ve eased things for him

  2. sue Said,

    Oh, Mel. I’m watching Stella Dallas right now. I recall my mother and I weeping like fools at this film.We rather revelled in our tears, in that sortof chick- flick way that women will do-

    Send good wishes to my wicked step- mother. She is the one I hope that I can help, lighten the load up a bit.

    I’m just about the only person on this earth that can handle my father.

    You see, I look like my mother. Very much.

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