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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-18-2004

Reading one of wicked step- mother’s books : memoirs of a geisha..

What a chick book- love it.

  1. jo Said,

    Yea, a chick book….but written by a guy, how odd.
    I must say I did love it though. l-u-s-h.

  2. Brian Said,

    Many great chick books have been written by men.

    I thought this was a fabulous book. Over and over again I had to keep reminding myself that it was a novel and not a real memoir.

  3. Julie Said,

    i heard that was a super book… my sister in law
    told me about it… A Diary for Nicolas was good too written by a man … James Patterson I think..

  4. Julie Said,

    oops no it was called Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas
    by James Patterson

  5. sue Said,

    Julie, it’s just really a good read. I’m going off to finish it now. I dread it ending…

  6. Angel Said,

    Ohhhh another book or two to add to my someday list…. Sounds like overall you are having a good vacation – I am trying to keep up/catch up w/you and everyone… If you are gonna be near the Garden State at all while you are here let me know!!

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