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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-28-2004

I stand corrected : this year’s color for a Mommy- Mobile is blue.

Not white.

Not red.

Big people lining the left side of the road, small ones the right side, with much tooting of horns and waving of hands, The Boy took off for camp.

He was in good spirits.

There is hope.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Awwwww! My money’s on him having a fine time.

  2. sue Said,

    Oh, I hope so too ! I was fearing that he would get all mawky about being gone for 4 days, but he was excited about it all.

    And, Edwin, he is going to hate those community showers as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a way to wriggle out of that one.

    I hated those as a kid as well- didn’t have enough hands to cover up me private bits-

  3. Edwinek Said,

    So our new car’s not a mommy mobile. Glad to hear Mike was in good spirits, een goed begin is het halve werk.

  4. Steph Said,

    I hope he surprises everyone and has fun!

  5. sue Said,

    Say, steph, in that photo, most of the kids from the cross-walk sign to the right of the picture are in group 1/2 ( two , mixed classes). Meg almost made it into the photo as well ! That’s where Pixie would be…

  6. Steph Said,

    oh no!! those kids are far too big!! LOL (yes I’m in denial)

    Actually that girl in the orange jacket caught my eye, I rather fancy her outfit, especially the multi-colored tights. :D

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