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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-20-2004

A few moments ago, The Boy breezed into the house. He was returning from a trip to the toy store, where he bought a small packet of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. As he passed me, he mentioned that he had just been behind a bunch of American tourists, and when they saw my poster, one of them commented ‘Good thing it’s on the other side of the window’. Then The Boy went into the kitchen to open his package of cards.

I- of course- wanted a little more detail, and so once he had glanced at his cards, I asked, do tell more.

As he was coming home from the store, he noticed a group of about 20 tourists standing in front of our house. They were clutching the collars of their coats tightly together and were wearing rain caps. When it became obvious that The Boy lived here, one of them pulled out a Dutch for Travelers type book and began thumbing through it. ( Here- as he told the tale- The Boy rolled his eyes about a bit and said he simply just started speaking english to them).

They asked him who on earth would vote that way, he replied that he would. It was pointed out to him that he wasn’t allowed to vote, not if he lived in this house. They then asked him why not vote for Bush.

Pulling out his keys for the front door, The Boy told them that if they wanted to have another year of disasters, vote for Bush. And he came inside.

There was another group following them, he told me. And they were all taking pictures of our window.

Here is one of your very own: and this one was taken on a sunny day.

  1. Karan Said,

    Mike is a future politician!

  2. Marjan Said,

    You know he probably got a few people thinking by his (and yours) actions today….and that’s always a good thing!

  3. sue Said,

    I had him tell the story again at dinner- I thought that Han would enjoy it. Well, it was much more detailed- I suppose that he spent about 15 minutes talking to various tourists- and then- at the end ( after he had told them his father was Dutch, his mother American – Oh ! How interesting, they said-) came back from the handy-man store. Apparently, the tourists attempted to chat up Mr. Jo, but he doesn’t speak english now, does he ?

    Lord knows what they thought…..

    But, really, do I care ?

    Take my poster indeed !

  4. Kestrel Said,

    That is so interesting. As an American who is also pro-Kerry, it’s really beyond me why people are still so dead set on supporting ole Dubya. Does the economy mean nothing to them? International policy? Bah! Go you, for being pro-Kerry and showing it! :)

  5. Catherine Said,

    Bravo Mike!

  6. sue Said,

    Well, Kestrel- Bush has caused me more feelings of shame during his reign than I have ever had in my entire life.

    I find him to be the modern archetype of evil.

    ( dramatic wench, am I not ?)

  7. sue Said,

    Catherine ! Are you all adjusting well to the new scheduale ? And do tell, does Callum still have all of those wee, new pals hanging about ?

  8. Catherine Said,

    Hello! The new schedule does indeed seem workable, hooray, but I couldn’t say we’ve adjusted to it yet – Kevin and I need colour-coded wristbands to remind us what sort of day it is (you are wearing a purple wristband, this means it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday, which means that Kevin takes Callum AND Billy and Catherine collects Callum) The poor Brute – who has been very good about this – could do with some wristbands too.

    Callum seems fine too – he’s thrown a couple of ‘paddies’ as his lovely teacher puts it, announcing ‘I don’t like this school, I’m not coming here EVER AGAIN!’ but she knows how to handle it and he’s soon back in there getting on with things. I don’t know if he’s bothering to talk to anyone other than his beloved, but that’s OK right now.

    Remember how much he wants pets? When the first poison didn’t seem to work, I did have an evil thought – ‘you can give them names, darling, and take them for walks and everything!’ We’re doing the conditioner-and-combing thing and will administer another dose of that poison this weekend. We’ve not seen anything since Sunday, but we know this means nothing.

    How about you all – back into the swing of the term-time routine? And poor you – a broken washing machine is a terrible thing, hope it gets sorted soon.

  9. sue Said,

    Catherine, I shall ask beforehand : please forgive me for the following-

    HA! Conditioner ! ( not laughing at you, but at the memory of that article-). Isn’t that the one that goes on about them slipping off and/ or breaking their legs ?

    Quadriplegic pets !


  10. Catherine Said,

    Har! Imagine that trip to the vet!

    Don’t worry, we’re not relying on conditioning fido, rex et al to death – we’ll work our way through all the poisons on god’s earth till they’re dead dead dead.

  11. Karen Said,

    Yay – go Mike! I feel so vicariously proud of him.

  12. sue Said,

    Karen- he was pretty funny : his warning was very sincere, he truly is hoping that these strangers don’t vote in another year of disasters upon their kindly heads.

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