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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-1-2004

I confess- after, uh, three years, the blog is not capturing my interest any longer. Not to say that I shall stop, but I do indeed need something else to waste my time with.

I have brought back oodles of pictures from the 1910′s, 30′s, and 50′s. Almost- but not quite- forgotten ghosts. If nothing else, the photos of East Liberty ( or the northern part of the East End) of Pittsburgh are quite interesting,the houses, the back yards, the sleds of the …uh…people without much money, but not poverty stricken. I think.

It’s always the photos that I both love and hate. I want each photo to say who is in them, can’t bear for the people to be forgotten, old photos ending up in a rubbish sale. I think most of the reason I wanted to have children was that I simply couldn’t bear for the photos of my mother being thrown away. Forgotten. She was an only child- dontcha know- as was my father.

Maybe that’s why I don’t take many pictures of the children- you know, those pictures are really hard to look at, if you are a parent.

Children simply glide away with time, our babes are fugitive, mere moments in passing.

How to pull the pictures, the papers, the family together- on line.

Any suggestions ?

  1. Molly Said,

    This was a poetic and chilling post. (I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for many months now) My 4 year old daughter seems like she’ll be young forever. I can’t imagine her growing up, growing away, and yet I’m already preparing myself for the loneliness.

    In regards to the photos, I do believe you have to throw many of them away. Save the good ones, but let many of them go. Otherwise they will weigh you down. Just my opinion.

  2. sue Said,

    Molly- you are most likely right. And yet, I can’t seem to let these people go, let them swirl down into oblivion.

    I might be able to find their names…

    I both love and hate old photographs.

  3. jo Said,

    Oh no, don’t let them go. Cause trust me in later years you will ergret it. Every photo is a moment captured in time, and even if I don’t recognize the players, when I trawl antiques stores or auctions, photos are the things that draw me in. I’m the only child of an only child of an only child with no children. I still think that the keeping of history, the ticking of time is what keeps us sane and what shapes some of the choices we make.
    I hope you don’t leave us now, cause I’ve just found you…and were you next door I believe we would swap some stories and share some alcohol.

  4. sue Said,

    Oh, Jo, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just a bit bored, need something new and different to do.

    The spirit of Han whispers in my ear : Well, you could try doing some housework. That certainly would be new and different.

  5. jo Said,

    Ah men, helpful aren’t they?

  6. lynn Said,


  7. Karan Said,

    Family, pictures, papers, stories…online…together? Hmmmmmm how about you start a weblog?

  8. sue Said,

    Karan- I don’t think that a blog can organise things well enough. It’s a lot of pictures, some papers and a lot of blanks.

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