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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-16-2004

I survived, the number of grey hairs did not increase. At least, not dramatically. The girls and I made a fine adventure of it, noticing the acorns littering the sidewalks, passing by The Baby’s little school, picking wild flowers.

WhenThe Girl told me to pet Shirley, I did. Although, I didn’t really know where on her nose ( there has to be a better word for that part with the nostrils- you know, with a rolling eyeball on either side)- obviously above those flaring, grotesque pits of nostrils, but….

Whatever. I enjoyed watching the colt, Black Devil, frisking about. They always use that word for horses and now I know why – it fits his antics so well.

But the very best part of the walk ( and educational as well) was feeding an apple to Chanel, the pig. Now, from The Girl’s photos, I thought that Chanel was much smaller, but Chanel is a really big pig. Not that I know anything about pigs. She might be a very small pig indeed, as far as pigs go. But she looked big to me.

So, I called out “Hey ! Pig !”. Chanel didn’t even glance in my direction. I tried numerous annoying, attention getting sounds ( thank you, The Boy), but Chanel continued rooting around in the grass. Finally, I lobbed a Granny Smith in her ( or his- what do I know- I’ve already admitted that I’m no country gal) direction and Chanel scarfed that baby right up.

And then, facing us, mouth open, lips curled in a smile, we watched Chanel’s chomping of the apple. Never did that mouth close, not really. We could watch that apple being rolled and pulverized, her head held at a delicate upward angle, so that the juices wouldn’t escape, soil her…chin.

It gave new meaning to the classic Mummy Dearest nag : don’t talk with a mouth full of food. You look like a pig.

For that, is indeed, how pigs eat.

  1. jo Said,

    I knew the pig would get some love…..
    i was bit on the boob by a horse once, but my grandfather (paternal) rode in rodeos and horse shows so I had to be around them all the time. Evn me, the great animal lover of all creatures great and small (as long as the leg count remains 4 and below) get s a wee bit nervous offering my hand up for a between the eyes scratch. Good on you for doing it in front of them.

  2. sue Said,

    Jo- I shan’t ( simply shan’t!) bore you with my computer woes… although, I’m supposed to be supplying the connection to all of the others…. so why can’t mine connect ?

    However, I thank you, deeply and fully for your package. It is very nice indeed and gives me something to do as I drink my morning coffee and can not read my email.

    Do you know, as well as my father being 4 ( count them, 4 months- it seems) pre-mature, another deep, dark secret from that family of Bucky’s seems to be rising to the surface.

    Oooh! I love dirt-

  3. jo Said,

    You are so welcome.
    Are you using a router for everyone to connect to with you as the primary one connected to the cable modem?

  4. sue Said,

    Yes. I think. We have 3 computers, all wireless. We have an…uh, oh….ASDL ? connection- whatever. The way I understand it, is that we have this cable connection, it comes in through this Thompson Speed 500 thing, in theory, to my computer. Then I serve as the …uh…server ? for the other computers. My problem is that somehting keeps changing my IP- oh, not the thing that you see in your stats, but the ip that identifies me within the network.

    So, while- somehow- I keep feeding broadband to the other computers- I myslef can connect to…nothing. As my monitor is in it’s death throes, tommorow we shall go to our lovely computer guys.

    I must try and get my vocabulary straight- I think the problem lies within our wireless…uh…router ? That for some reaon, it keeps changing my IP and has suddenly gone beyond the acceptable limit…uh..programed. I’ve moved into the 60′s, after a long and fruitful period in the 50′s.

    If you know what I mean.

    I remain- baffled.

    What else is new, between me and computers ?

  5. jo Said,

    WE can go online and programme our router (which site next to me) via a website form the manufacturer. If you ahve a limit of say 100 IP’s in your segment perhaps it changes the final octect (last three numbers in an IP) by one each time. I remember you had this issue not so long ago. If they don’t resolve it it will happen again in another say 6 months. Must be set to DHCP instead of static IP is my completely non-professional opinion. I’d love the explanation when they do fix it.
    I’m now debating between doing the whole ebay sell thingie myself of having this company (i-consign on ebay) Yabe (storefront in Sudbury) do it for me. You bring it in, give them an idea of price, and help them with the description. They photograph, post-it, run the auction, pack it and ship it and colelct the funds. For this work, they take a 37% cut for $500.00 and under sale down to 15% if it sells for over $5,000.00.
    Must decide if the pain shall be worth it.

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