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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-2-2004

Tomorrow- once I am fortified with coffee-The Girl and I shall take off for the Tinkers. I will bring my camera- wish me blue skies- and assorted apples and carrots.

I’ve rather said that I shall come up with two photos, and must admit, all that I want is a good one of Chanel eating an apple. My, that pig simply savors apples in the most robust manner that I have ever seen. She/ he simply oozes carnal pleasure as those juices roll about in his/ her…mouth. It’s really almost orgasmic. Really. Chanel likes those apples fine.

No creature has ever done an apple better than Chanel.

  1. jo Said,

    Yay! I await wine photos with glee! ANd rely, if you wish to take snaps of the McMuffin fishcakes, I’d love to add them to the recipe…..

  2. sue Said,

    Jo, the fishcakes are but a pleasant memory ! We snarfed those babies down. I’m thinking of trying that one with mushrooms and cream next ( was it cream ? That one with mushrooms and white fish of choice)

    The pig is gone, the Tinkers are gone- perhaps put inside for the winter. But we had beautiful weather and I took pictures of my favorite spot on the dikes and an old tombstone. In short, photos which are not appropriate in any way at all.

    But they are so green -

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