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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-3-2004

The Girl and I walked over to the meadow where the Tinkers usually were, but they are gone. Even Chanel is gone.

But it was a beautiful walk, strangely green for this late in the year. On the way home we ambled through an old graveyard, collecting chestnuts for reasons- we both agreed- we couldn’t fathom. We just knew that we couldn’t leave them, could we ?

A quick call to best friend reveals that the tinkers have been moved to another meadow, and so The Girl packs up her brushes and apples and carrots and heads off to collect best friend and tend the tinkers.

  1. lynn Said,

    y’know, sue: your description of chanel munching apples yesterday was so perfect that a photograph wasn’t even necessary!

  2. sue Said,

    Lynn, it was interesting to go out again with a camera on my shoulder- I confess, for whatever reason, I’m having slight re-adjustment woes.

    But when I looked at things like I was a camera, they looked so beautiful, even though I knew that the light was all wrong. I even took a photo at my favorite spot- promises one a good pic every time, and indeed, it was.

    It was nice. I have a yen to take a picture of this leek field- I used to bike by it when I worked. That blue green color of leeks is…uh…just…so neat.

    But- I stand ashamed- I’m supposed to come up with two pictures to be printed, and all of my hoary secrets come out : I crop EVERYTHING, and I adjust the levels on most as well.

    But then, that’s what Han did in his darkroom, really. In fact, he taught me the art of cropping…

  3. Ann Said,

    I’m a friend/sister of Jim with the Bubba vote watch….. I have watched your blog since Jim posted it on his website….
    I really enjoy reading about your day trips and things about the house.
    Thanks for letting us be a part of your life…….

  4. sue Said,

    Hi Ann- I remember you and check things out over at your place !

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