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Kinderboeken Week

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-5-2004

Tomorrow at school, the fact that it is the Week of Children’s Books is going to be celebrated. Part of the celebration includes the children coming to school in their pajamas.

The Girl is horrified at the thought of walking through town in her pj’s, why, what if the teenager- who- lives- across- the- street sees her ?

I can see her point : I wouldn’t want to walk through town in my Lanz. She rather expects me to solve this for her.

I suppose that she could just go to school in her normal clothes, say that she hasn’t any pj’s, that she sleeps in the buff. Some people do, after all.

Nope. I’ll have to come up with a better one than that.

And The Baby is going to look mighty foolish wearing her brand new purple boots with her jammies.

  1. Angel Said,

    OHHH jammies to school!! I would LOVE to do that.. Of course I live for Sundays these days so I can semi wear my jammies to work! *L* You must take pics – esp of Meg!!! The boys will be sooo jealous she got to wear her jammies AND her boots!

  2. sue Said,

    Angel, when I don’t fear the mailman delivering a package, I simply live in my Lanz during the weekends.

    It seems the children should wear their jammies over their regular clothing.

    Mike and Meg have no problems with this, but, you know, while I know that she isn’t officially a teenager yet, Sally is bothered by it all.

    Girls, girls, girls-

    Speaking of girls, should you get a nice pic – PLEASE POST IT ! If you haven’t space- well, I do.

    And for a boy as well – ( I know, it’s too soon to tell- you catch my drift, share it-)

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