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New Routine

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-9-2004

Last Sunday, The Father and I agreed that we would add a new routine to our day- to- day life : we would walk the dogs after dinner. This sounded much healthier to us than our usual after dinner routine, which is to shoo the children out of the kitchen and catch up on things as we smoked a cigarette.

Yes, we are going to walk the dogs after dinner. But not tomorrow, of course, for The Father always has a meeting on Mondays and doesn’t come home for dinner. And not on Tuesday, because that’s when we run about, doing shopping and picking up The Girl from horse riding. And yesterday, he sent me an email saying that he has a meeting on Wednesday.

And then there is that appointment on Thursday.

And the company party on Friday.

But we do indeed agree, walking the dogs after dinner is a fine idea.

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