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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-1-2004

As I stood outside of the door to the lower classes, waiting for The Baby to appear, the older sister of one of her classmates flung herself into her mother’s arms. The family is new here in town. They are very friendly and uber- chic, they make me feel that NYC has discovered town.

The older girl nattered on, and the mother- speaking to no one in particular- said ‘She just goes on and on about Halloween !’ I don’t know when it is’, she said to the gathered Mummy Dearests in general. For whatever reason, I tend to forget the Dutch word for yesterday, Freudian, I’m sure. But in English I said to the Mummy Dearest next to me, it was yesterday , with a pass it on inferred.

The terribly nice ( really) and chic woman then again spoke to no one in particular, well, we just don’t do Halloween here…..

An overly busy day here at Casa Kitchen, finding me fretting about the possibility of Roe vs Wade being over- turned as well as the cat snubbing her food.

And- always- there is The Girl. At a certain point, one can’t * really* make things better. But still, as well as fussing and fretting about the health of the members of the Supreme Court, I stretch my mind as far as it will go, in an attempt to fix what which I know is the un-fixable.

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