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The Big Game

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-2-2004

Off to settle down for a long evening in front of the TV.

Photos, taken in The Big City

  1. Jim Said,

    Sue, get ready for a Kerry victory tonight! John Kerry leads in early exit polls and the voter turnout is incredible. My precinct here in Atlanta may turnout near 100 percent.

  2. Catherine Said,

    I’m getting ready to turn in for the night here – I’d so love to stay up and hear things unravel, but work starts at 8am these days and after Callum’s party (was it a success? he did, after all, bite one child and punch another…) I am beat. So I’m checking in here to register solidarity, hope you have a good evening, and hope that waking up tomorrow morning will be happier than it was 4 years ago.

  3. sue Said,

    Catherine- I have saved that champagne that you brought me ! Tomorrow afternoon we have Meg’s party- oh dear. But Han is doing it !

  4. sue Said,

    Jim- thanks. We are just dying for news here, but a great pall went over the Netherlands when Theo van Gogh was murdered this morning.

    I’ve a pile of Kerry balloons just waiting to be blown up.

    But it’s after 1 here …

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