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To Market

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-11-2004

Last Monday- you know, when I was in simply the most foul frame of mind, daydreaming of leaving hearth and home and moving elsewhere- The Girl fluttered into the kitchen as I was being all domestic, don’tcha know. She twittered and vibrated about for a while and then told me the good news : the popular girls were coming to Casa Kitchen on Thursday, after school.

Now, she and I have gone over this whole popular thing ad nauseum and- in a not very Mummy Dearest manner- I said : Oh, you mean those perfectly ordinary girls whose one claim to fame is that they live in the next village ?

In return- and I suppose that I deserved it- I received the oh mom, don’t be so dense look. By way of apology, I said to her, Look, Girl, you know what I think of all this popular crap.

But she was very pleased indeed and now it is Thursday. Apparently, the mob has invited itself over and they are all going to walk Buddy together ( I nixed taking Elvis- the- twit as well). I suppose that I shall do the kindest thing and take off to the market with The Baby, simply not be here.

That way there is no chance that I can possibly embarrass her in front of the popular girls, from the next town over.

  1. Chrysalis Said,

    Oh my. If it were me, I don’t know if I could resist the temptation to embarrass her — at least a little — in front of “the mob.” It’s what parents are for …

  2. sue Said,

    Chrys, did you ever see that Disney film, The Arisocats ? There are these two geese in it… well, five of the *popular* girls turned up here. They are all taller than I am. They giggled and cackled as they entered the house and tossed amused looks in my direction. I felt like a somewhat charming little garden gnome.

    I went to the market and now I am hiding out in my office. My coffee cup is almost empty. They are in the kitchen…

    But no. She would never forgive me.

    I wonder how long they are going to stay ?

    Anybody else out there ? Catherine ?….

  3. Sivani Said,

    I remember how miserable my life was made by the “popular” girls in elementary school. We had two factions, two competing centers of popularity, with many of the rest of the groups forming loose attachments to the one or the other faction.
    What made life hell however was not merely the fact that I didn’t belong with either of the two groups, but the cruelty, both unintentional and deliberate, of the two queen bees and their main attendants.
    We moved away in my seventh grade and completely lost touch, and years later I ran into first one and then the other of the former “queens” at University. The one was pleasant but seemed hardly to recall me, the other fell over herself to be nice to me, catch up with me, and expected me to be her long lost pal, with no idea of the agony I suffered because of her as a kid.
    Not that this was intended to be so much about me… the point I was trying to get to is to be sure that while Sally is “hanging” with the popular girls, she knows to be kind to the wannabes, the forgotten kids on the outskirts. Let her enjoy her moments in the “sun” – she’ll soon learn to see through the superficiality if she is her Mama’s daughter. But it would be heartbreaking if she hurt some others during her tenure in the circle.

  4. Julie Said,

    amazing how that”popular crap” is the same all over the globe .. aye?…hope all went well
    keep us updated..

  5. sue Said,

    Julie and Sivani- I’m about to head off to the big city and start the Christmas shopping, so this is quick : Sally hasn’t suddenly become popular and she never will be in this school. It has nothing to do with whether or not she is smart or funny or cute, it has everything to do with where she lives. Mike has the same problem, but to a lesser degree and for the same reason.

    It’s something I have been meaning to write about for a long time but have put off, knowing it would be one long- winded post.

    Maybe that time has come…

    After shopping-

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