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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-27-2004

This afternoon, at a little before three, I hopped on the bus to the manege. My mission : while The Girl has taken the bus to the manege, she has never taken the bus home from the manege. According to plans, we would have about 20 minutes once I stepped off of the bus to catch the next bus home, show her the ropes and all.

We missed the next bus, watched it pull out and head out into the farmlands, ate it’s dust as we stood on the sidewalk, burdened down with doo- dads and must- haves of Bennie’s.

But that was fine and dandy as far as I was concerned, for you see, I was hoping to be able to go and see Bennie, make sure that he was doing well. And now I would have an hour and twenty minutes to do so.

And Bennie is doing more than well, surrounded by a cloud of pre- adolescent horsey girls, begging to care for him.

Bennnie is living in the paradise promised only to the most faithful of believers.

  1. jo Said,

    Perhaps you should have named him Hugh or Brad instead?

  2. blackbird Said,

    She is SO lucky.

  3. sue Said,

    Jo, Merel and Steph- they say that money can’t buy you love, but we have just bought- hopefully- a compress for the heart of a very lonely girl.

    It might not work, but still, one must try. And how she loves that beast ! For all that I found him, everyone is saying that he is a pony out of a thousand- so sweet, so friendly- When people hear how young his is, they ask ( uh, translation ? ) if he is broken, can one ride him ? Not only can one ride the lad, he simply * loves* pussy- footing, dressage.

    How- though, to get Sally back to school ?

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