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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-28-2004

After the rather snarky atmosphere of our Christmas, things are very jolly indeed here. It only took me- the woman with unending patience- tossing her mules up into the air and saying, well, I’m going to read. At 7.30 in the evening.

Sitting in my bed, reading, I could hear the gossip threading it’s way through the rooms below- she’s in her bedroom ? Not on The computer ?

One by one, they tapped on my bedroom door. I explained- in a very pleasant manner- that I didn’t feel like co- habiting with so many grumpy, negative people. Everyone is so grumpy and so, now am I. Fair is fair.

Everyone has been so cheerful since then, so much less…martyr-ish. It is very nice.

While I had put my pom- poms in the attic, saying to myself ‘Let them arrange New Year’s’ , I do believe that I shall insist upon the Moet and watching “Titanic” once again.

After all, traditions are traditions.

  1. blackbird Said,

    Holidays suck. I waited patiently for the poo to hit the fan at my MIL’s house, where everyone is always at odds. I thought, if it happened that I would take my little group and leave. Fortunately there was just enough wine to keep everyone JUST in check. Barely.
    I know how you feel…
    New Year’s is a great time to…

  2. sue Said,

    Actually, New Year’s is my very favorite time, after my birthday. I simply love all of those good intentions being spread about, the clean slate.

    And pooh on the party poopers within this family. I * will* have Moet for the New Year.

    I certainly have shoveled up enough dog shit to have warranted a bottle of * the good stuff*.

    Sorry, Catherine- saving yours for when the Democrats finally, finally win.

  3. Catherine Said,

    Oh – you gave no clue that people had been less than charming, glad you got them to pull their socks up!

  4. sue Said,

    Why do you think I was wondering about the correct way to spell * weenie* ?

    But we did have a nice time, and are having a better one now !

    How was yours ? Did the little rugger pull in lots of loot ?

  5. Catherine Said,

    Ah, of course, weenie as in ‘don’t be such a’. I didn’t realise that the weenie(s) was(were) so close to home.

    Ours was nice thanks – as relaxing as it possibly could be given that we were away from home. I ate like a hog, and have not stopped since coming back on Monday. And yes, Callum is mighty pleased with his haul.

    Christmas will rumble on for a week yet – Kevin, Callum and I exchanged gifts yesterday, and on Monday we are all going to my brother’s flat for the my-side-of-the-family annual christmas knees-up. This will be preceeded by a poker night on Sunday for those who can make it. It will be fancy dress at my brother’s – Goodies & Baddies – and I hope to scrape together a Darth Vader costume out of black bin bags and a bucket.

    Christmas this year has been something of an escape and I am really not looking forward to taking the decorations down. In fact I bought some more in the sales this morning and will put them up when I get home!

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