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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-7-2004

On Mondays, I walk The Boy to choir practice at 6.15 and then pick him up again by 7.30. I know that it is a small town, but it is getting dark here early and still, not all of the street lights are working since that blow out a while ago.

And I enjoy the walk, peeping into people’s houses. But after a few weeks of walking back and forth in the dark, I have noticed this : only people living in houses from- maybe- the thirties and earlier have but sheers on their windows, allow that peep into the house. Coming out of the 1600′s, if you walk by our house at night, you can peep in as well, see my antique Lanz . Aren’t our bookcases lovely ? And what about those beams ?

I had always thought that it was a Dutch thing, the house open to view, but now I see that it isn’t. It’s simply an old house open to view thing.

An old house that needs to wash the sheers.

Mummy smokes too much, the fire place gushes at odd moments.

  1. jo Said,

    Husband knows that this is my favourite time of the year. I love to drive around or walk the pooper at night and have a little peek into people’s houses. It is not a desire to see anything untoward, rather it is my affection for architecture and decoration. I love to see what people have done to their homes.
    I’m always hoping that no one sees me wandering past peering in…

  2. Karan Said,

    We live in the boondocks and except for two windows that draw too bright sun in the summer, have no covers on any of our windows…if anyone ever wanted to peer in on our private lives, they’d get quite a show.

  3. Sivani Said,

    Which inspired me to hang the sheers and drapes in our bedroom (before there was just the blackout shade, which frustrated me no end – when I want it to go up, it just pulls out, when I want it to lengthen it snaps back up, sometimes whirling the loose end around a few times with a taunting thwack-thwack-thwack!).

    I don’t like it. The sheers and drapes, that is. I’m not sure the colors go together – the sheers a silvery color, the drapes a taupe – but mostly I hate the curtain tracks. Looks like I’ll have to find a sturdy rod for the drapes, and a tension rod for the sheers.

    And its all your fault for bringing it up – who needs a conscience anyway! :-)

  4. sue Said,

    Sivani- don’t forget, I’m a professional Mummy Dearest. We are paid to nag, the polite way of saying * being other people’s consciences*.

    Glad to lend a professional hand-

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