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Play Date in Portugal

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-13-2005

Today The Babywas invited to go and play at Duarte’s house. She has always been fond of the boy and had a very nice time indeed. Now, despite the fact that both of Duarte’s parents are as Dutch as drop, that Duarte lives just down the street from us, Meg has always insisted that Duarte lives in Portugal.

Now, having been to various countries in her short life- including Italy, France and America, The Baby has a general idea of how the world is set up. She knows that she lives in our town, which in turn is in The Netherlands. She knows that Alabama is a part of America. But no matter how many times we explain to her that Duarte simply cannot- the daily commute alone would kill him- live in Portugal, she insists that he does indeed live in Portugal.

Today at dinner, she told The Father that she went to play with Duarte today. He lives very close to her friends Roos and Sara, not far from the butcher. He lives at a number 5 as well, she told us. She then – as an aside- told The Father that Duarte lives in Portugal.

Lowering his fork, The Father explained to The Baby that if Duarte did indeed live in Portugal, she would have to take a plane to visit him.

And she – very earnestly- explained to him that Portugal wasn’t that far at all. Why, she didn’t need to take a plane to go to Duarte’s.

They walked there.

Perhaps being in Portugal is a state of mind. What do I know.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Perhaps this is Meg’s version of an imaginary friend – imaginary portuguese-ness. Very sweet!

  2. blackbird Said,

    I am liking this little Meg. Perhaps I can set her up with Youngest?!

  3. sue Said,

    Merel- she does seem to be a rather * Vonnegut* sort of child, doesn’t she ?

  4. sue Said,

    Eh, catherine- she must take after Papa, for I can never alter her mind- set.

    But I must admit, I wonder to no end why she thinks that he is from Portugal.

    Is it simply because he has a portugese name ( uh, is it ?) , or the dreamy brown eyes ? ( He is a kid out of a gypsy print, believe you me)

  5. Nean Said,

    Yes, Duarte is Portuguese for Edward. When I read this one, I thought immediately that he could be Portuguese, it’s a popular name.

    But since being in Portugal is in fact a state of mind, I figured I’d leave well enough alone, lol.

  6. sue Said,

    Nean- I think of you every time Meg talks about him !

    Usual zoo here, I’ll be glad when Han’s work setlles down. Say, they may have found a building !

    If nothing else – Friday.

  7. Nean Said,

    I admire Duarte’s parents. I searched for a Portuguese boy name which sounded good in Dutch and in English for a long time and didn’t find one. And I don’t know why I didn’t think of Duarte, it’s pretty common. But then, I don’t actually know anybody named Duarte.

    Don’t know anybody named Douwe either, come to think of it. But The Spouse came up with that one. Which is probably merciful, I was trying to think of a way to talk him into Umbelina for a girl when we thought Daan was our girl.

    Speaking of which, Douwe asked for a sister for Christmas, out of the clear blue. eek. He seems now convinced he is not getting one and has instead decided that the not-yet-two year old daughter of one of Paul’s friends is in fact his little sister.

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