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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-8-2005

Why isn’t New Zealand spelled New Zeeland ?

Zealand really looks…wrong to me.

But then, I never could spell…. osmosis did not work here, at all.

Have to love the 60′s- big fans of osmosis.

  1. Nean Said,

    It was originally called Niew Zeeland (okay, it was originally called Aotearoa but we’re only counting white boys here).

    The limeys who came later (mostly James Cook) accepted the name but then spelled it wromg. Um, differently. But they still steadfastly claim that it’s the same name.

  2. sue Said,

    Got it.

    In order to spell it right, I have to spell it wrong.

    Great job with the prize(s) – wunder-mummy !

    I am now off for a day in the Big City with Mike and Meg.

    The only thing less appealing would be another day alone in the house with Mike and Meg.

    Have to work a little on my attitude, I guess…

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