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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-1-2005

Weeks ago- perhaps even months ago- I was made aware of the fact that The Father would not be available this week. I don’t know if I received this tid- bit of information via an email- sent to the general public- or if I picked it up by osmosis.

However, I entered this week knowing and – so I thought- prepared for a week without The Father. But then today I realized that Win was coming for the weekend.

And that we only have three bottles of beer in the house.

If I find myself in the position where I cannot rely upon The Father for sh*t, that means that I have to do all of shopping on my own. Me shopping on my own involves me taking a bright orange AH bag and heading out into the elements, in order to stock the larder. Tote that barge, lift that bale. Although town is very small indeed, but that is a given, isn’t it ?

But there is only so much weight and bulk that I can carry. Shopping becomes a study of triage.

This morning I realized that Win was coming and that we only had three bottles of beer in the house. One of the lessons that I have learned in this house is that if I have under 20 bottles of beer in the house, Win will only have a craving for beer while he is here. If I hit the magic twenty, he will drink wine.

The logistics of bringing in another seventeen bottles of beer keep me mentally agile and- I suppose- physically fit : beer is heavy.

And I need kitty litter for Ms. I- Don’t- Piss- In- The- Same- Place – Twice.

And we are low on potatoes .

And Win has lived in France for a hundred years…what to feed him ?

  1. blackbird Said,

    All right all right. Calm down. First. Roast a chicken and toss a salad. Win will appreciate the home cooking, and you can’t go wrong with a salad.
    Second, get 4 bottles of wine and tell him THERE IS NO BEER. Third — shred up all the pillows in the house and put the shreds in the litter box.
    Don’t they have already roasted chickens in your shops? and liquor delivery?
    Oh – another idea, put out some dry sausage and cheese and fruit and salad and wine and bread….
    mmmm, my favorite dinner.
    Shutting up now.

  2. jo Said,

    Roasting a chicken always a fab-U idea. Jsut stuff it with lemon halves, fresh herbs, salted and peppered, under the skin rubbed with a bit of butter with herbs chopped up in it.
    Should gaive you a meal and then some with potential for using the bones to make a soup later.
    A rosti, always nice. Shredded spuds with a shredded onion (on a box grater) with herbs cooked in a bit of oil and butter til nice and brown.

    Beef a la Flamande ( or beef cooked in beer). A nice slow braise in a 325 oven for an hour or two. Add a few cooked carrots, sauteed whole shallots and a nice crusty loaf of French bread (or local bread)…Mmmmm.

    Recipes and instructions furnished upon request.

  3. Edwinek Said,

    Nonono! When you’re away from home, you want to eat away from home as well, you want to eat something local, something not available in France. Hutspot met klapstuk! Salad with osseworst for a starter! Gevulde koek for dessert.

  4. sue Said,

    Blackbird : I love the pillow idea !

  5. sue Said,

    Jo- I’m a nervous cook under the best of circumstances and could never, ever try out a new recipe when *company* is coming. The thought alone makes my skin itch !

    And Han won’t eat chicken with bones in it. Grrrr…

  6. sue Said,

    And Edwin : what is more dutch than a frites tent ?

  7. Nean Said,

    ‘Scuse me while I get all declasse on you, but I have to say that I generally serve American burgers and Dutch fries to the French. Or meat loaf. Meat loaf has become quite the hit. Or shepherd’s pie if I want mashed.

    Well, I mean, my own philosophy is, that I don’t even try to compete, what would be the point?

  8. sue Said,

    Nean, I’ve done that as well : serving tacos to a young man from Milano… Something which has no point of reference.

    Snow is holding here and the kiddie news has just announced same temps tomorrow and more snow !

    This is exciting…now, how many days before we start hearings the muffled rumblings of ‘Elfstedentocht’? ( spelling is at my whimsy, as usual- I think I might just have written eleven city draft)

  9. Nean Said,

    Funny you should mention that, the mommies at school were going on about it today while waiting for the kiddies.

    The only other Dutch winter I have ever seen, there actually was an Elfstedentocht. I was here in December and the race was later, in um, oh dear, March, I want to say?

    Anyway (firmly ignoring that) it was the coldest cold I have ever experienced, at one point I got so cold I became really stupid. It was weird, I couldn’t think properly, I don’t know how to explain it. I was gripped by a desire to lie down in the snow and I could think of no reason not to do so. There was this little tiny faraway sort of feeling that this might not be the best idea I ever had, but I could not think of why that might be true.

    Happily, my arm was at the time gripped by my large then-fiancee who hauled me into a pub and plied me with booze.

    I thought Dutch winters were always like that. I am pleased to discover that I was wrong.

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