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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-18-2005

A fitting meme for a place like this. Now show us yours.

After you have compared blackbird’s sink to mine, come back and read Meme Continued.

And- of course- should you want to let it all hang out, leave a link to your sink and/ or junk drawer either to blackbird or to me.

Preferably to her. It’s her curiosity and, well, it means a lot to her.

She is one curious woman.

I like her fine.

  1. blackbird Said,

    okay – now you are just freaking me out.

  2. sue Said,

    What ? No one told you that my right leg was three inches shorter than my left one ?

    What a list in this picture !

  3. Karen Said,

    Oh, what a beautiful sink. I’m ashamed that I posted mine now.

  4. jo Said,

    okay…it’s up at my house

  5. Steph Said,

    That is one gorgeous sink. Very lovely

  6. Melissa Said,

    Yours is truly a lovely sink. Much lovlier than this :)

  7. sue Said,

    Come on Steph, let me see your heathen sink ! But thanks, I do love my sink. It was the only attribute of the kitchenn that I absolutely insisted upon. But it is a beast to keep clean.

    So, most of time, I don’t even bother !

  8. sue Said,

    Melissa- pshaw ! That is a beautiful unit . Is that granite ? We were told that hardstones mark easily, is that true ?

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