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Minutiae Of Motherhood

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-11-2005

Before she goes to bed this evening, The Girl – as is her wont- had a brief bitch and moan session with me. The Boy, she tells me, is trying to crack the pin code for her spanking new mobile phone.

Now, in this house, we have a lot of trouble with computer language, because- of course- I don’t know any, so what can I pass on ? I myself have been growing rather comfy with the idea that a crack is something that one- some way or another- applies to a program which will then, wa- lah, make it work. I know how to do this but stumble about in the darkness when asked for a word to translate this action.

When it comes to computers, I have lost the ability to use language as a medium to communicate.

I don’t know what the correct word is for trying to figure out passwords and then succeeding. But this is what The Girl was going on about when she said that The Boy was trying to crack her phone.

For, you see, The Boy is very good at doing just that. Since he was born, The Boy has forced me to bend my mind to follow him, day to day life with him is like playing chess. At times, I enjoy it when I have so obviously check- mated his behavior and he looks at me and knows that the game is over.

Often, it seems that the only time that the games stop is when The Boy and I talk about computers. He thinks that I know much more than I do, but that is only because he is 9.

At 9, he has a 70% chance of figuring out your password. He has told me what he checks first.

I have told him that anyone who knows anything about computers will be able to peg down his intrusions right away. Well, I’m on a pedestal, I can say that, can’t I?

In fact, I said, it would be a piece of cake for anyone with any know- how to see if anyone had figured out how to enter into the teachers network, their private accounts, at his school.


And I agreed with him, people should never use their names, their birthdays, the names of their children or pets when coming up with a password.

Nope, random numbers and digits are the best bet.

For a password.

Tips from a nine year old kid.

  1. JoAnne Said,

    Hi Sue -

    I just found your blog today and found it so enjoyable that I’ve begun the process of reading the archives, from the very beginning forward to now. So far, I’ve completed 2001.

    I got here by some round about method – usually read knitting blogs but they’ve led me (through Yarn Harlot, if you read knitting blogs) to some non-textile artists, who’ve led me to some other interesting people. I don’t remember how I got to you, even though it happened today.

    …anyway – thanks so much for the window into your world! I love secret worlds, private views – and have a not-so-secret love of peeking into windows as we drive by homes at Christmas. This feels like that, except I get DETAIL, and well…it’s not Christmas.

    I’m not always much of a commenter, but I’ll be here silently reading along and enjoying each moment.


  2. Julie Said,

    JoAnne, I agree with you 100% … Sue has a way with words, she could be a writter …. but what I
    agree with you on the most is that Im not such a
    commenter either but I read every word…every day
    Sue just to let you know today that I really
    appericate your page very much and for me its
    abit of “home” mixed with living in Holland…and
    Joanne if you lived in Holland you could “peek”
    alot into windows here since most everyone
    leaves their windows treatments wide open! hahah
    have a great weekend all .. :) Julie

  3. sue Said,

    aw, shucks !

    and thanks !

  4. Nean Said,

    Hey, tell Mike I have a copy of Brute Force around here somewhere, on a Zip disc with another old favorite, the Ping of Death.

    >contemplating my own adventures with same in my wayward youth. Contemplating social changes in terms of attitude towards youth capable of wreaking havoc by pushing a single button. Contemplate, contemplateHey, tell Mike I have a copy of Brute Force around here somewhere, on a Zip disc with another old favorite, the Ping of Death.

    >contemplating my own adventures with same in my wayward youth. Contemplating social changes in terms of attitude towards youth capable of wreaking havoc by pushing a single button. Contemplate, contemplate

  5. sue Said,

    Nean, I’m checking my cupboards for any stateside kiddie meds I might have. If I find anything, I’ll send it on but I haven’t high hopes. We mostly have children’s allergy meds from WallyWorld.

  6. Nean Said,

    Thank you, we mostly buy children’s cough and cold and Motrin from Wally World, too. Or from Kroger. Though I have a feeling that in May I am going to Costco and buying the giant packages — I thought I brought enough to get me through two years! Guess I wasn’t figuring on going through a whole new round of “catch all the bugs at school” after we got here.

    Still, with the ongoing rash Douwe had I would have done quite a lot to get my hands on a children’s chewable Benadryl.

    God help you if you ask for a children’s cough supressant with a decongestant, as I did yesteday at the apotheek; you would think I had suggested I planned to feed my children rat poison.

  7. sue Said,

    Nean, I found some stuff for 6-12 year olds. I left a description under the * Dazed* post.

    I’ll root around some more and see what I have. We did bring back children’s benadryl, but I know I snarfed some of it down a while ago in shear desperation.

    When we go to the states, we really stock up on over the counter drugs. If you aren’t heading over this year, have a list ready and I’ll pick it up for you.

  8. Nean Said,

    Well, I was all set last night to write you a chirpy little note that all was well, false alarm. Now I am considering cancelling plans for Friday (the English Club is scheduled to come here Friday) due to probable flu.

    So yes, if you can spare it I would be grateful. We are going in May come hell or high water, if for no other reason than that I have to renew my US driver’s license before my birthday at the end of May, lol. But thank you for the offer.

  9. marjan Said,

    Jeannine and Sue please tell, why do you need US-meds? Is it better then ours? If so, do you take orders? ;-)

  10. Nean Said,

    Marjan –

    Yes, they are much better. That is, there is more in them than water.

    However, according to the huisarts and also the apotheek (see above) they are extremely dangerous and it is unbelievable that it could be legal anywhere to provide these substances to a minor child, much less that they could be purchased over the counter by any old nimrod. I really thought the huisarts was going to spit up a lung when I read the ingredients list of the child cough and cold tablets I was giving Douwe from the States. (I wanted him to prescribe me the same thing).

    And can someone explain to me this cultural aversion to children’s chewables? It’s either liquid (which ends up all over the sofa) or suppositories (You know, Daan ok, but Douwe thinks his butt belongs to him, thankyouverymuch).

    Or maybe it’s that I live here and am used to a very large city. A number of things I thought were uniquely Dutch turn out to be uniquely about living in a city of of a couple hundred thousand as opposed to city of over 4 million.

    Anyway, fever is healthy and hacking your guts up all night builds character and nursing through illness improves the mother-child bond. I really think you should stick with Dampo.


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