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Tough Love

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-22-2005

We had a perfectly pleasant day today- some what of a rarity lately. I think that a major factor in this oh- so- little- house- on- the- prairie atmosphere was the fact that until around 4pm, The Girl really didn’t think that I would keep her from seeing the horse today.

I have never, ever done anything so nasty before. Yes, despite the fact that I very well know that Tuesday is her very favorite day of the week- socially-, despite the fact that I – now- know how tough math has been recently, despite that fact that The Girl sometimes feels like a prisoner in Iraq ( her words, not mine), despite that fact that I neglect hearth and home and sit behind my computer all day long, and- finally- despite the fact that I start nagging her the minute that she walks in the door after a hard day at school, I did indeed ground her today.

So sorry, no horse.

Once she realized this,accepted the fact that she still has to peg down my Achilles heel, she slipped into her comfies and actually cleaned her room. She even vacuumed it. She puttered about in the garden, telling me that the new roses have indeed taken ( have to check that one. Three days ago they looked dead as door nails to me) . A bit later, as I was preparing dinner, she off- the- cuffed me with a gee, it’s kindof nice to just be home.

Eh, so much for the meek inheriting the earth.

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