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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-2-2005

The top story on the children’s news last night was that we might get ten cms of snow today and it looks like this is coming true.

Now, that is a lot of snow for the Netherlands. Our children only had enough snow at hand to make a snow man once and they don’t own sleds.

But now we seem to have a few good inches covering the ground and so I wrapped The Boy and The Baby up warmly and sent them out to play in the snow.

It seems that they walked through town a bit and ran into the man who owns the once- was- a handy- man- store- will- soon- be – a- cheese- store. As is his want, The Boy greeted J. and wished him luck with his new store.

J. thanked The Boy for his good wishes and stepped into his store room. He came out with at least a dozen large, oval signs ( Nails ! Paint ! ) and gave them to the children.

The Boy and The Baby have just taken off for the dikes, in search of children to share their new sleds with.

  1. Nean Said,

    You think? It’s still melting on the streets here. It’s been snowing all day and the only actual accumulation thus far has been on the cars and in some corners.

    However, since Oma bought not one but two sleds (one wooden, one plastic) back in December when winter was first threatened but never materialized, we’re ready.

    The best sledding I ever had was on a shower curtain. Though that was in a location where, when they called a thing a hill, they meant that it had a perceptible incline, not that it was at an elevation of approximately four centimeters above the surrounding land.

  2. Denise Said,

    It hardly ever snows in the town I grew up in as well. I remember the joy of the few times it snowed enough to sled and build snowmen.

    I hope they had a great day!

  3. blackbird Said,

    so fun! we love sledding in our ass buckets!

  4. sue Said,

    They had a great time, came home soaking wet and rosey cheeked. They found some kids to share the coasters/whatever the English word is- with and they all played outside, like kids are supposed to.

    Or rather like I did, when I was a kid.

    It’s the kind of day that you wish a kid could have every day.

  5. Nean Said,

    Um, can I just say I spoke too soon?

    They had a late dinner because they were riding on the sleigh and making snow angels and throwing snowballs with Nel. In the dark under the street lights. It’s nice to have an Oma to celebrate snow with I think.

  6. sue Said,

    Well, Neanereno, look at it this way : if she wasn’t around, *somebody* would have to go out for hours in the cold and celebrate snow.

    Wild guesses as to who contestant number one would be ?

  7. Nean Said,

    suebeedoo, I have not the faintest idea what you are talking about.

    /gales of laughter while sitting toasty and dry by the stove watching my children through the window looking very picturesque with their Oma.

    I think the window framing just adds the perfect touch to a winter scene. From the inside.

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