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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-23-2005

When the last back hoe pulled out of our yard, I found myself agreeing with The Father one hundred percent : yes, a yard for the children, the dogs. I am easy to convince, you would love living with me. Why, despite all the hard science, I still think that she really was Anastasia. Can’t help it, I do.

You could bend me, twist me, any way you want to : I am gullible personified.

Now, if you hand your postage stamp sized yard over to kids and dogs, you stop caring about it. You nag the hub to mow the…lawn. After all, it simply breaks one’s heart to see the soccer ball hit the roses, the dogs shred the lilacs.

So, a while ago, while I didn’t get my lilac, I did get the yard. It is mine once more.

I work on my trench for the camellias, and sit on packets of peat moss, smoking a cigarette, looking at the jungle that is our yard. How I have missed fuddling about outside.

How good it feels to be fuddling about outside once more. As I fuddle, The Boy and The Baby kick a football around. The Boy hits my roses and I threaten to twist his nose off of his face, should it happen again. The ball touches my camellias, I am quite vocal.

It is mine once again, a place to sprout seedlings for, a place to plant roses.

That such a small plot could make me so happy is odd.

At the plant store today I bought bags and bags of peat moss and compost. I was pleased as punch.

And The Father asks me, did you like what you bought ?

And I say, yes, I am one happy cootie.

  1. Angie Said,

    You may not think so, since I am on a farm, but I DO FEEL YOUR PAIN. I know what it is like to have a postage sized yard! When I left Georgia and moved to Virginia it was from a farm to a DC Metro townhouse. The entire lot was 0.03 acres!

    For the year I was there I made the best of it. I would pretend I lived in Italy in a small apartment with a balcony. I grew a lush garden on the deck and a TINY one in the back yard.

    I grew lettuce and spinach in hanging baskets, every herb you can imagine in pots, I had flowers and trees, too.

    I grew zucchini the size of new born babies! Steven was so sick of squash by the end of the summer he rejoiced when the frost took those plants out! I grew heirloom tomatoes, blue and peach and pink and red and oxhearts. I had two cherry tomatoes in pots and tied the vines up against the deck supports and they grew 1 story tall!

    I made the best of what was available. It paid off. Every day for supper we had a fresh salad straight out of the yard for the better part of four months. I had a full supply of fresh herbs and used them every single day to flavor and brighten our meals.

    I was happy. :-)

    The front patch was kept meticulously perfect. Neatly trimmed hedge, abundant clemitis vine and several weigelia “java reds”.

    I love the farm, now. But a part of me will miss my “Italian terrace” in the middle of DC Metro.

    Happy gardening, Sue!

  2. sue Said,

    Angie, believe me, I am tickled pink that the stamp is MINE once more. But those are really good ideas.

    Meg and I had the nicest time today : I finished digging that 5.5 m by 1 m by 30cm ditch ( and pulled out both trees all by myself) and we started filling it with new soil and peat moss and compost for the camellias.

    It is just grand to be farting around outside once more.

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