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Minutiae Of Motherhood

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-10-2005

The Boy spends much energy asking me how one goes about becoming a Pope.

Where oh where are the days when kids wanted to be rock stars ?

  1. Edwinek Said,

    Well, with the last pope the difference between the two professions has become significantly smaller. And it’s a nice steady job.

  2. sue Said,

    Edwin, right now he is trying to convince me that yes, if a Pope really wants to, he can retire. I can’t believe what a big impression this all has made upon him.

    I do know that part of it is his fascination with burial crypts : he can go on and on about the one the Royal family here uses…

    I shouldn’t complain, I suppose. There are more terrible things to aspire to be when one is all grown up. I would just rather that my ONLY son doesn’t go *whole hog* for the catholic church.

    No soldiers or priests, please !

  3. Edwinek Said,

    Well, it was impressive. You can imagine how my beloved reacted, having very conciously lived through the whole Polish revolution (she was at the mass in Gdansk in, er, 1983 I think). A very emotional week.
    And crypts can indeed be fascinating. Maybe instead of becoming a pope, he could become an egyptologist?

  4. sue Said,

    Bite your tongue, Edwin ! While the top of my list includes priest and soldier, the top of Han’s list of things that he even refuses to condiser his son becoming is an archaeologist.

    While I can see his point- I wasn’t foolish enough to marry one now, was I ?- I do often puzzle over this . Then why, dear, moi ?

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