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A Question-

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-25-2005

Are boys as slobby as girls ?

I just wonder, for The Boy is rather tidy ( compared to you- know- who and her little sister).

I’m just wondering if it is a girl thing, which would really be rather ironic- in general -should a girl find herself in a rather traditional girl / boy relationship when she is all grown up..

  1. Angie Said,

    Take a look at some habitats of college age girls. I think girls are far more messy than boys. Some are just plain filthy.

  2. eliz Said,

    Ummm. My boys are neatniks. on the other hand, the girl is… hopeless?

  3. sue Said,

    Angie ! We have our first strawberry ! I am just thrilled- and it’s such a silly thing to be so excited about.

    You see, while my mother grew veggies and herbs and spices, I never have. What little space went to flowers.

    But after reading something that you wrote, I bought a few strawberry plants and a tomato plant. And there it is ! Dangling from a basket, a pale pink strawberry.

    Now this is really neat.

    Thanks !

  4. sue Said,

    Eliz, this is beginning to sound very what- goes- around- comes- around, don’t you think ?

    Perhaps even karmic ?

  5. Steph Said,

    remind me to get and share photos of my 14 yo and 10 yo brother’s rooms…egads!

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