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A Window

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-14-2005

As I look through the window in the kitchen, waiting for dinner to finish- I see The Boy, The Baby, The Father and the dogs on the porch. The Baby is laughing and playing with Elvis,The Boy fuddling about with Buddy. They are all enjoying the moment.

I am as well.

While I foughtT he Father on the Pine Tree solution ( and am now fussing over the camellias every day, in search of woes and plagues), his new plan for the yard is indeed such a pleasure for us all.

People. Dogs.

I dig lopsided flower beds while The Baby chatters non- stop.

The Baby asks me what I want to be when I grow up and I say a Tuin Kabouter*, complete with a little red hat .

But she insists that I must be a princess when I grow up. Princesses have a long history of drudgery within the household, she tells me, but can indeed brush dogs as well as futz about in gardens.

Well, I seem easy to please, don’t I ?

* Garden Gnome

  1. karan Said,

    You seem happy.

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