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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-18-2005

In whatever way that I totally f*cked up my computer ( I do believe it might lie within the NAPT server or some DHCP server thing I attempted to alter, in sheer desperation- and don’t ask me, I haven’t a clue as to what they are..), for the first time, all of the other computers here in home- sweet can still connect, even though the mother ship was taken to Mr. Mark and ended up in the hands of a young geek who resembled one of the younger Baldwin brothers. Not so obviously handsome, but still, having charms of his own.

The Girl pointed out his trendy pants.

And I had to explain to him what was wrong. My eyes searched left and right : where was Mr. Mark ? He made my computer…everything except the network . I had to explain to a geek what had happened, what I did, without the proper vocabulary ( geeks here always know English very well indeed. The language problem is me being self taught and not knowing the correct words for what I have done…) . My feeling is that I haven’t adjusted all of those…TC things- I don’t want a dynamic IP- correctly. There is also a distinct possibility that whatever name ( as opposed to IP) my computer goes by, is not being treated very fairly by Norton.

Oh well. I had fair skies and blue birds today. Aren’t hormones so…just… in the end ? It all balances out.

And we have a new- possibly- pet : a young, female blackbird, a merel. There is something terribly wrong with one of her legs, but as I water newly planted blooms, she hops over, hoping to feast upon our worms, a cast of millions. We sit still when she is there. She can see us, is aware of us, and perhaps we can convey the idea to her that we are friends.

Although- and no offense intended- blackbirds are, after pigeons, the dumbest creatures I have ever encountered.

Picture this : a small, walled garden, two cats prowling about, two bears. Young blackbirds fall from the nest and run about for quite a while before learning how to fly. They hide behind bushes, squawking for worms. Isn’t our yard- the gauntlet- just the perfect place to raise a family ?

When ten meters away, there is a church graveyard, which is simply as quiet as the same.

But then, I’m simply a sucker for those that struggle, those that – to use the phrase yet again- fight the good fight.

I have told The Boy to give her a name. ( The Boy would like to have a parrot as a pet very much indeed.)

Assuredly a mistake, but, oh well.

  1. blackbird Said,

    I never said I was smart. ATTRACTIVE yes, but never smart.

  2. sue Said,

    Oh, pooh. Who are you trying to kid ? Of course you are bright. Do I link to Britany Spears ?

    Not to imply that you are not utterly seductive in appearance…but, uh, how would I be able to judge that, kiddo ?

    In my book, you are an older broad with a dog. Don’t know if that is a compliment or not…. think so, don’t you ?

  3. Catherine Said,

    Pleased it was a clear skies and bluebirds day. Hope today is too.

  4. deneen Said,

    I have always aspired to be a broad…..

  5. sue Said,

    Deneen, I suspect that actually being a broad is one of those Zen riddles : those who aspire, already are !


  6. karan Said,

    I’m going a-broad in September!

  7. sue Said,

    Catherine, it was indeed a nice day. Say, has Callum seen any of the Star Wars films ? Didn’t he and MIke play some Star Wars games together ?

    I’m just wondering if you are planning to take him to the new one. Meg has said that she doesn’t want to go- they scare her.

    And Mike, well, Han is going to be forced to take him. Han loathes Star Wars but Mike wants to see this- on the big screen- in just the worst way.

    Say, June 3 just got snapped up ( although he speaks french, could make an interesting mix- taught in both France and England)- any ideas if you can bee-bop by ?

    And Lille.

    When ? You cherished kitten you.



  8. karan Said,

    My dad had a parrot that he bought from some old grizzly neighbor when we were kids…a big green parrot he called Pancho.

    He was one messy bird, leaving food and parrot poop all over the floor under his perch. My dad found Pancho on the floor having some sort of bird seizure and took him to the vet where he died.

    The vet said that Pancho was about 85 years old. So…if Mike wants a parrot, he’d better plan on it hanging around for a long time.

  9. Catherine Said,

    Callum adores the Star Wars movies, and the toys that you and Mike gave him have their own special box in his room. Kevin would love to take him to the cinema to see the new one, but instead we will watch it on dvd first and decide whether we are happy for him to see it – I haven’t let him see the second one (attack of the clones?), probably more to do with my sensitivities than his (‘mum, why is his mummy tied up tike that?’)

    Ah, Lille! Not for nothing is it twinned with Leeds. We go next weekend. So many things in life are unfair, but it is surely one of the great injustices of our time that I will have holidayed twice in Lille before you have done so once. You must be brave, dear thing, and wait for my photos.

    I am afraid I have still not had the Necessary Conversation with Kevin, but I have been looking at the weekend of 25/26 June. How would that be with you all? Callum is off school on the Friday, so that could give us the option of zipping over then if there were not sensible flight times on the Saturday.

    Hoping the sky still holds bluebirds, and no clouds.

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