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Curiosity Calls..

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-25-2005

Quentin Bell. Ever heard of him ?

Just curious.

He is very, very obscure and I tend to think that few recall him, even less that do are of the… male genre.

Recalling- even vaguely- who Quentin Bell was strikes me as being a very chick thing.

So : ever had that name cross your path ?

  1. blackbird Said,

    I have.
    Dragging out that Ivy League persona again eh?

  2. Freya Said,

    As in Bloomsbury, you mean?

  3. Nean Said,

    Oh, this is an easy one. If I know anything about it, it’s obscure as hell, almost by definition. I didn’t ralize this until just today, so thanks for the insight, lol.

  4. Catherine Said,

    Nope. Am I a man?

  5. sue Said,

    As in Bloomsbury, yes ! And Catherine, you are yet another avatar of Devi.

    Actually, Catherine, it just struck me that the odds were that more women would recognize the name than men would. That whole Bloomsbury world strikes me as being nothing that good old beer drinking, belching male- bonders would fancy.

    But I could be wrong . It’s been known to happen.

    The cheer that rose to our ceiling the other day for Arsenal ( dinner was actually delayed for a time, well, for over time and penalties…)

  6. sue Said,

    Seven sisters, blackie, seven sisters. But no, not really.

    Don’t you think that that whole Bloomsbury thing appeals more to women ? But in the vague vaults of memory, I seem to recall that Churchill was related to them as well.

    Or not.

    I tend to think so. I actually have a rose that I am trying to grow up a tree, because it just looked so * pretty*, courtesy of Vita Sackville- West

  7. freay Said,

    well, lots of eng lit girls had a crush on Virginia – (the original “room of my own”!)thing.

    and those bloomsbury chaps were rather too effete to appeal to the beer-belchers.

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