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He Sees

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-26-2005

When The Father came home from work today, we exchanged the usual pleasantries. We do that. It is rote. In the mornings, we all give the smooch and wish each other a nice day, in the evenings, we ask how that day went. I would be torn to say why : perhaps the Waltons, perhaps because of the saving grace that a few days before Mummy died, I went through the pleasantries as well: I do not have words left unsaid hanging over my head.

Out of the blue, he said, I like your little garden.

This is so out of character it is simply amazing, jaw dropping. When The Father and I were courting, I asked him what color his mother’s eyes were….uh…. He just doesn’t see, or notice a lot of things. At times, this is nice. He never notices my weight. I’m sure that if you pushed him into a corner, placed a sliver of cheese under his nose, he might be able to say what color my eyes are.

Good guy, just not big on visuals.

And our garden is nothing : three weeks ago, it was the place where the dogs sh*t and destroyed the rubble which the construction crew left behind. I dug a flower bed and lined it with these bricks which I know, in time, will get all green and moldy looking. It is crooked. Very. Although I tried very, very hard to get them to be…not crooked.

But we have flowers ! We have little vines creeping up twine, climbing roses sprouting, strawberries blushing, a tomato looking, well stressed- to be frank.

You know, when you have nothing in your yard except two, fine climbing roses and two batches of chives, a trip to a garden center is heavy going. Why, you can fill up a car- twice over- and all of those plants – they seemed so many in the car- now seem scattered and paltry once planted.

Last trip to the garden store, The Father raised his eyebrows very high indeed when I opened my wallet to pay the bill ( 84 euros, if you must know).

And so, when he says that he likes it, I know that he too enjoys the plants, the flowers, the gezelligheid that they can bring. For that is what flowers and growing things give one, a comfy, homey feeling.

We don’t have a pretty garden. It is only three or so weeks old. And very tiny, we live in a city surrounded by dikes ( Steph- I’ll send the name to you…soon….you really are on my list of things to do!).

But after many years, we are enjoying it once again.

Note : have to mow that lawn on Sunday… we have dirt to die for…. simply sumptuous.

  1. jo Said,

    I’ll have you know that put a big smile on my face. We, you see, are the same way. I leave not, and neither does he, without a smooch, and I always inquire upon his return.
    And for a design engineer, a man who’s very existaence depends on visual, I too am often amazed when he notices something new (clothes, hair, garden, paint, bedding, etc.)
    I do hope we can expect photos to pop up somewhere.

  2. sue Said,

    The first flowers on the three/four year old rose have just opened. Maybe once it is going at full steam ( please, not too much rain this week…), I’ll post some photos. Then one at least will get an idea of what I am trying to do.

    Remember : I’m trying to change our roofless porch into a rose arbor. And once those suckers cover the roof, I’m going to be sneaking panels under, so that I will indeed have my porch, complete with a roof, hidden by rose vines.

    Take that, planning commission !

  3. Angie Said,

    I do the same thing everyday. I just can’t let anyone leave this house without the last words and kisses and hugs.

    I would love to see photos, Sue. You know my love for Holland, won’t you share? Please? I wanna see.

    Sometimes reading what you write leaves me really longing for that part of the world.

  4. Steph Said,

    Well hooray for the man. Glad he noticed, I bet those new plantings will fill out in no time at all.

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