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Paisley Shawls

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-27-2005

Our new couch came today. It is just a little two seater, nothing fancy, something that the kids can sit on when they watch TV in the kitchen : having two, big comfy chairs does not work when one has three children. Couches have a more… plebeian aura… a more Marxist attitude. That is, when one compares them to a large, comfy chair meant for one person.

But my, the number of times today that The Father and I sat back, sipping a cool drink ( hot as hell here today) and looked over at our new little couch. We like it so very much.

Because of the price, I suppose that it is fake leather. I’m sure The Father would say- officially- that it is skye. He would also know how to spell it, but I have the point of the story : skye is fake leather. I don’t care if it’s fake. Real or fake, this couch is in the combat zone of the house. While I would like to believe otherwise, I know- deep in my heart- that our lifestyle ( read : three kids, the deaf cat) will break records in trashing this couch, skye or leather, makes no difference).

As I admired the glossy surface of the purchase, I thought that a paisley shawl- or two- might help to protect the couch from the senile cat’s claws, scratches. But in the end, what do I know about paisley shawls ? ( In fact, don’t paisley shawls remind one of Quentin Bell and his group ?).

I started at Google, moved on to Ebay, and guess where I found the item that my heart desired ?

In India.

And on Monday, The Father is going to send on my request for two paisley shawls to his good friend and business associate. Maha. I’m sure Mrs. Maha will find me lovely shawls- she selects the odd bits of jewelry that The Father has delighted me with, she sends me spices for curries.

In return, I send her large boxes of Leonidas chocolates.

Tit for tat, after all.

But how pleased I am to find that the perfect paisley shawl to drape over a couch is from that part of the world. You see, I’m a mighty cheap woman, I would never pay that stated resale price and I…I can get it beyond wholesale !

The Father is in textiles, in India and Asia, where luscious fabrics abound, and I can – and will- take advantage of that.

Har ! Paisley shawls !

Something to wrap about my shoulders on a cold and dank winter’s evening, as I sit in my little room of my own, watching my Constance Spry thread it’s way up that massive tree in our yard..

And yes, I know where that phrase comes from. After all, I know who Quentin Bell is, don’t I ?

  1. blackbird Said,

    yer killin me over heeyah.
    you are brilliant — BRILLIANT!

  2. sue Said,

    ( looks to the left, looks tot he right…)

    Uh…who…me ?

  3. Angie Said,

    Those are beautiful! I am so jealous!! I REALLY am! I have one shawl. It is black cashmere. It can from Apeldoorn, in one of those silly ladies boutiques. Now I want one of those! *sob*

  4. sue Said,

    Hey Pussycat ! I’ll let you know what Ms.Maha comes up with.

  5. jo Said,

    I am sooo pleased to announce that my tennant of 10 years moved out today, I shall miss the money, but not the tenant. I now can pull my lovely saris that I bought in Manchester and either figure out how to use that sewing machine or call on the lady down the street to fashion me some bitchin curtains.
    I ADORE fabric I do, and I am very jealous of your in….jealous indeed.

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