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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-25-2005

Everyone knows- well, anyone who really thinks about it, for a moment- that The Father and I flung filthy lucre up into the air and bought The Girl another world. A world in which she is popular, a world in which her eyes sparkle and her mouth curves up into unfamiliar territory: wow, cheeks.

I don’t know if buying the horse ( well, the pony) will- in the end- be the best move that we ever made, or the worst. At the menage, now that she has a horse ( and having very few peers who do so as well) she has uber status among the horsey girls. Having a horse is like being a pope : can I have the pleasure of mucking out the dear boy’s stall ?

But then, the class structure at her school is warped as well : no one can be popular unless they, too, live in the utterly dull village next door to us.

Both at school and at the manege, nothing that really should matter does.

The girl across the street has just started riding- at The Girl’s place. The Girl gave them the lowdown on the ins and outs of the manege, about the waiting list, the costs.

Today, the doorbell rang – it was our neighbor, and her wannabe- horsey- girl. Did The Girl want a ride to the manege ? ( The wannabe- horsey- girl’s eyes are glittering with awe, wow, The Girl).

The Girl said, sure. When they said that they were going to stop first at a store somewhere which carried second hand Horsey- girl- shit, The Girl’s eyes sparkled. Sure indeed.

So- once again- I can see how spoiled we are : they were looking for second hand riding pants ( The Girl lied through her teeth : she is saving hers for The Baby), we have the horse. In the end, once you buy the horse, the monthly costs are exactly 75 euro more than one pays for weekly lessons. Should The Baby learn to ride, having a horse is actually the cheaper option.

But I can see how far away I am from second- hand riding pants ( as a note : in 6 years of riding, The Girl has gone through 3 of the fancy pants. They last a good, long time).

And a part of me says that the cost of the gas spent…

So, here I sit. The Baby wants to ride. Bennie is not a suitable mount for her. The Girl- in essence- works every day at the manege, helping with ponies and – in particular- the handicapped children who want to ride.

Is The Girl capable of making that trade off ? My work= small pony for my sister ?

I think that she is.

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