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Super Size Me

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-31-2005

We watched that show tonight, SuperSize Me .

Hmmmm. I found the statistics interesting, the mind f*cks tempting : catch them while they are young.

I found the medical aspects to be trite, perhaps untrue : they imply that after a measly 30 days, one shall crumple up, hand clasped to one’s beast, heart failure. Or hand clasped to one’s side : liver failure.

And Mickey D’s does offer diet coke : I know this to be true. Our children can drink soda, as long as it is sensa sugar.

Eh, run that by me once again: the thirty day death ?

Such is not the nature of these ailments.

But a show like this makes me feel very, very old fashioned. A show like this makes me feel that more men must kick in with the cooking.

A documentary like this shows me that a family is very privileged if Mummy Dearest ( or even Daddy) can stand in front of a stove and ( attempt to ) to cook a tempting and wholesome meal.

I like Big Macs fine.

But who the f*ck would want to eat three meals a day at Mickey D’s ?

I once tried the Atkin’s Diet : Lord, I was dying for the crisp of fruit and vegetables.

And- I must ask- our kids won’t eat cold cereal. Nope. They want toast and juice or yogurt for breakfast.

What, really, is so good about cold cereal ?

I do believe that this is a cultural thing.

  1. blackbird Said,

    I think you are right — my kids LOVE cold cereal, and not neccesarily the ones loaded with colors and sugar. But they would never eat yogurt for breakfast.

  2. jakapk Said,

    My kid’s don’t like cold ceral either- they don’t even like to eat in the am- but they do like yogurts, fruit, bagels and cream of wheat- they also like OLIVE LOAF samwiches- I think they were a couple of OLD FARts their past lives-

    My little sister doesn’t cook at all- Her family eat’s nothing but fast food or some kind of take out food everyday! They are all skinny, healthy, with bright eyes, shiney hair- great skin-go figure?

  3. Edwinek Said,

    I agree, in fact all eating habits are very cultural, as are things like dieting and how thin you must be to be accepted by the advertising community. And since scientific opinions about what’s healthy and what’s not change every few years I don’t take them very seriously anymore either. I eat what I like, but not too much of it. I do have my reservations about artificial sweeteners though, they’re too often associated with the word cancer to my taste.

  4. Nean Said,

    Mine eat cold cereal, out of a baggie, usually on a plane. Daan christened it “chippies” and chippies it is. But they think it is a violation of the Laws of Nature to combine it with any dairy product. For breakfast they eat french toast or pancake with hagelslag (how’s that for a cross cultural phenomenon?) and bread with vlokken or cold cuts, respectively.

    As you can see from our menu, I have no issues with sugar, lol. I do have an issue with aspertame. But it’s a personal problem; some of us call it a neurotoxin, others call it brain pruning. Who am I to arbitrate these things.

  5. sue Said,

    jakapk : more about floor heating…not today ! That kind of day.

  6. sue Said,

    Nean, every time we go to that states, after a few days, the kids want to try *cereal* again. They see it on TV.

    So I buy a box- their choice- and they are totally grossed out.

    But- they really want to like it, and so I say, well, just it it dry, like chippies.

    They will nibble on it, but they really, really don’t like cereal.

    What can I say about aspertame ? Mummy was the first person on the planet to stock our fridge with Fresca ( think : moon landing, 1968).

    Although, that might explain my lethargic synapses.

  7. karan Said,

    My kids like chicken for breakfast…and if we have the time, they want potatoes and broccoli with it. My whole world is built upside down.

  8. sue Said,

    Karan, I can’t find you. Are you in the middle of *moving* ?

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