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The Combat Zone

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-28-2005

The children’s corner in the kitchen . Warning : BIG pictures, so you can enjoy the mess vicariously.

The Combat Zone is on your right as you enter the kitchen. In the first photo, you can see the back of the new couch.

And then the front.

We like it.

Now, if I could just convince The Father that we really, really need some small furniture : end tables, things like that.

  1. karan Said,

    Very nice! I can see that the video gaming gape is universal.

  2. blackbird Said,

    …and a carpet for his cold feet!

  3. Angie Said,

    I love the peak of your kitchen. I think the flooring is great. That is a nice couch too! Can you condition it so it won’t split or tear over the years? I know nothing about that covering. All of my sofas are fabric covered. The pillows are cool! We have lots of red, white and blue things here. :-) I would dearly love to see more of your kitchen.

  4. jo Said,

    Oh yes, a coffee table, an end table, your lovely shawl that will be arriving and I agree, a small rug of some kind, yummy!
    The phone looks old fashioned, is it?

  5. sue Said,

    Well, ladies, thanks for looking. We have to keep fabrics down to the minimum in the house : Sally’s ( and I suppose mine as well) allergies are pretty bad.

    The phone is from the original company the family started after WWII ( they manufactured all kinds of bags made out of skye- fake leather). That is the phone that I prefer to use, if forced to use a phone. It rings. It has a dial. It is a leathal weapon.

  6. sue Said,

    Oh- and we have floor heat throughout the house, because I think radiators are butt ugly.

  7. Steph Said,

    It’s lovely! I love the red color of the ceiling and the door

  8. cindy Said,

    Hi Sue! surprise!!! Your site looks great. I just caught up a little and really enjoy your “generic-ness”
    Love those copper jello moulds on your kitchem wall, haven’t seen those in awhile! ( and the combat-zone couch!!! ) it’s good to read about Sally, Mike, Meg and you and Han again. Wow! Pony-Girl-Sally!
    Very gezellig home! Take care and stay dry today! ;-)

  9. sue Said,

    Cindy ! Get your fanny back here ! How are you ? Do you have a bit of the web for yourself once more ? Are you single, are you double- in short :

    How are you ?

  10. Ann Said,

    Sue – love the combat area,(and the peek in your house) every house should have one. Yesterday was unseasonally cool for North Alabama but perfect for a pre-Memorial Day cookout. Today is very overcast but the Memorial Day progam will be inside. I have been a semi-lurker for some time and enjoy your site. If you come through Alabama on your travels this summer but sure to wave! I live in the town where all lost airline lugguge goes “Unclaimed Baggage”

  11. cindy! Said,

    Hi Sue!! You make me laugh! I’m good….have a html picture for ya but “function is disabled”
    I’m still double…and A GRANDMA!!!!! Gibeau is 6 weeks now! My oldest, Sara, has done me proud!
    I have web foto- place at, but can’t paste the url*! Drop me an email and I’ll send ya the picture/link.
    So glad I found your kitchen again! Best to ya Sue! wink…sun’s out again;-)

  12. cindy Said,

    Hi Sue!
    you make me smile! I’m good down here in Zeeland. Still double…Hey, I’m A Grandma!!! My eldest has done her Mum very proud! He’s 6 weeks now; “Gibeau”
    there’s a picture there at my webspace of late…flickr.
    Doing really well for the rest, thanks..
    Take it easy Sue, glad I found your kitchen again.

  13. cindy Said,

    sorry about that…delete the top one I guess!

  14. jakapk Said,

    Ok ,so all boy’s do look like that when playing video games- love your home- your kitchen looks wonderful- how do you like the heated floors- we put them into the new home and i’m excited to see-if they really work?

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