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Turn Green

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-26-2005

I have two jugs of real, live Vermont maple syrup sitting atop my fridge.

Top that.

Many thanks to Will and Carol, who hide behind their camera, but whom I like very much indeed.

And I am very glad that they are going back to Vermont.

In fact, maybe I should go to Vermont.

Isn’t Vermont just one of those places : Vermont is a state of mind.

I think that I belong there.

Or not. What do I know.

  1. Will Said,

    Yay! You got it! Enjoy.


  2. Steph Said,

    gee, maybe I should send some NH maple syrup for comparison… ;)

  3. Will Said,

    Hi Steph…

    Everyone (in Vermont) knows that VT syrup is better. :-) Vermonters are *wicked* snobby that way.


  4. Steph Said,

    Hee! I am near the VT border and have to agree, most everything tastes better from VT. Could be my Vermonter grandmother and her family coming through too. ;)

  5. Will Said,

    We’re moving back to the Brattleboro area. And one of the most distinctive features of Brattleboro is Mt. Wantastiquet, New Hampshire!

    We can’t wait to get back to New England.


  6. Steph Said,

    I had to go and google Mt. Wantastiquet, I’ve never heard of it! Of course I don’t know that corner of the state very well. Good luck with your move!

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