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An Aside…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-12-2005

As an aside, buying antiques is much cheaper than buying new stuff, at least here in the Netherlands.

And the Dutch are simply obsessed with keeping their possessions in a perfect state. No dust, no grime, all looks spanking new, all of the time.

It has been remarked upon, through out time, how neat and tidy the dutch are.

While I admire the fact that every home that I visit is utterly spotless, do I really want to devote my life to keeping my world perfectly perfect ?


But I am guessing that you knew that all along. No slave of my possessions here.

I dug through a pile of carpets- Persian- found one that I liked and asked The Father to give me the estimated selling price. 40 euro, he told me. Plus, it comes with some other carpet as well.

Looking at Leenbakker for an end table for The Baby ( and The Baby needs a little end table), we find ourselves looking at spaanplaat for the same amount of money as a sweet, little oak kistje, from +/- 1900. We are talking that this is cheaper than Ikea.

And the hanging lamps. Praxis is about, oh, 100 euro plus for a lamp. We are seeing art deco lamps for that very same price.

I’m not a that kind of snob.

Nope, we are bidding on antique sh*t because it is the cheapest way to go.

And I really, really wonder why that is.

Does this not strike other people as being skewed?

I can buy an antique lamp for a fraction of the cost of a new copy.

Uh ?

  1. jo Said,

    It is often the same here. In fact, this week I am seeking out some auctions to haunt. Rugs go especially cheap at auction. Not to mention that I get the cheap thrill of knowing that this object is being saved from its imminent demise and has a life lived that I can only speculate about.
    I adore that.
    Today’s pic is a rather formal looking a bit military perhaps or like a diplomatic gentleman. He is dressed in perhaps the robes of an Indian or early European settler in shades of gold and red. He holds a *gun(?)*, muscat.
    What/Who is it? I love it.
    And of course….the *club* expects a photo retrospective of purchases and upgrades.

  2. sue Said,

    It’s Byron, Jo :

    If we do *win* anything, I will certainly show the *club*. Although my taste runs in the form-follows- function school. Plain, plain, plain.

    Except for that lamp.

    Oh well. I also have a weak spot for utter kitsch.

  3. Angie Said,

    This subject is one that amazed me the most when I was on your side of the pond. I could NOT believe the prices of new things in the stores. When we went to the street markets and flea markets … Oh, Sue, if I had had shipping crates! It totally blew my mind.

  4. Edwinek Said,

    Of course there’s a thin line between second hand and antiques. Maybe people just don’t throw away stuff so easily, and instead sell it on?

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