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Going, Going….

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-7-2005

Friday afternoon will find me nosing around auction lots here. One of the odd things that I have noticed in the Netherlands is that quite often a legit- albeit rather common- piece of antique furniture is cheaper than a newly made model.

Foaming at the mouth as I am for end tables and other such bits of small furniture, our friend who has the loveliest home on earth pointed me to this auction house.

I have hitched a ride into the Big City with The Father, who has an appointment to select a new car from a bevy of beauties dramatically arranged upon a background of navy plush.

Well, why not ?

  1. jak Said,

    Couldn’t read a word of what that said- but who needs words, those picture’s say it all- I need a lot of STUFF for my new house- OK to send you the list- I’ll start with the Chandaleirs -Damn! LUCKY!!!

  2. jo Said,

    Lord I love an auction. It’s funny you mention this because I was saying the very same thing to husband the other day. We rememebred at Grandma’s auction many of the furniture pieces went for next to nothing. If there is no one there who wants a piece that you want you can practically steal it.

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