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Group Three

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-3-2005

Today we agreed that The Baby would stay in group 1/2 for another year. She has one of those iffy birthdays.

Her teacher bat, bat , who is very new to this all and very serious about being a teacher gave us excellent reasons to keep Baby back a year.

Intellectually, The Baby can handle moving on to group 3.

But emotionally, she will always be running after the children in that group, where as if she stays in 1/2 for another year, she will always be more savvy than the others.

Staying back, she will receive projects to quench her desire to learn to read, to write.

After what has happened with The Girl and The Boy, standing before a bat, bat
young woman who has very seriously evaluated every action The Baby has taken in the last year, we agree.

Now to find a way to tell this to The Baby, a fun, exciting and- most of all- responsible way to say that she will spend another year with a teacher whom she- bat, bat- adores.

  1. Nean Said,

    On a side note, do you understand the objection to learning to read and write? If so, can you explain it to me?

    I get the idea that the time window for learning to read spans from 3 1/2 or so to 8 or so. I even understand the idea that waiting until most of the class is ready or already there speeds up the process in terms of class operation. But assuming a child who wants to go ahead and learn to read before group 3 starts, is there some reason I have not yet thought of to avoid teaching it to them?

    I asked Douwe’s teacher why she did not give him the sort of pre-reading “work” they give some of the other kids as I thought he was interested in it. She said the reason he was interested in it was that it was safe for him. I have no idea what to make of that.

    So I guess he will have to learn to read in English. Nel is also entirely opposed to this notion — not his learning to read in English but teaching him to read. I am missing something but I really do not know what.

  2. Karan Said,

    Have you heard about the Mississippi River Boat tours? Maybe y’all can take a train to Erie, catch the Canal Boat trip, then train to Mississippi and float down Ole Miss to the south. Lots of sitting and watching, plus the learning of history that way. It’s not a thrilling trip, but it’s a way to do “something” while spending time with your dad. My father-in-law thinks it was the best way to see that part of the country.

  3. Karan Said,

    whoops…wrong comment space used…sorry.

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