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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-3-2005

There is an old saw which tells us that as long as someone remembers you, you still exist. You sit next to me as I plop into a garden chair , and when my eyes turn to The Boy’s strawberry plant, you tell me your stories.

I suppose then, to carry the theory along, that once every one has forgotten you, then you are truly gone.

If so, what happens, within this theorem, if someone re-discovers you ?

Finds your traces in old papers, innuendo left behind in the family plot ?

Now, it’s not my old saw, but it seems that logic would insist that then you once again exist.

Angels on the heads of pins.

Although I must confess- for whatever reason- I am feeling very Mormon right now.

  1. Steph Said,

    ooh that gave me chills. I’ve wondered the same thing when “digging”

  2. jo Said,

    Same here, it does bring in the ghosts, and it gives me hope that when my childless self passes from this world, someone, somewhere shall find me in a cencus and wonder what sort of life I led.
    Those mormons called last night, courtesy call dontcha know, renewal time, sending them more money next year…*sigh*

  3. Karan Said,

    I don’t think it qualifies as Morman unless you’re baptising them too.

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