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The Coin, III

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-24-2005

For those of you who did not go here, the back of the coin probably looked like this ( and these are his graphics) :

This coin ( from what I can gather from my speed study of Dutch numismatics) was minted from 1590 to 1599.

It could also be this :

These coins seemed to have been minted between about 1602 and 1607.

At that is it , folks. There are no other coins which have HOLANDIA split into three lines and that wreath on the outer edge.

Actually, the back already gives us a date for the coin. But I will show you the face as well, once I have time ( The Father is home ! He came home early, and so has been here since the wee hours of the morning.)

So… can you see which back is the same as the back of our coin, grasshopper ?

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