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The Coin, IV

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-24-2005

If we look at the front of the coin, taking into consideration the two options open to us due to the back of the coin, the curves and angles that we see become clearer.

The front of the coin :

A common element, or symbol in early dutch copper coins, we are told, is the Dutch Garden. Now, I have dug up back yards- or gardens- in New York City, of Dutch settlers of the 1600′s : they truly seem to believe that good walls make good neighbors. The area that I worked in was from the early 1600′s and, I kid you not, it is the same floor plan that you find in your average new area here today in the Netherlands. Including the contentious mutual wall.

So, think Tom Sawyer, think picket fence, and then look at the front of the coin once more :

I am seeing the gate to a picket fence.

If I twist and turn and flip the coin a bit, I can see a vague oval shape, perhaps showing a walled garden :

At this point, given the back of the coin and the Dutch Garden, I don’t have many more options for this coin : I might see a scary lion, but basically, I should be seeing a virgin, sitting in the middle of the garden, wearing a flowing robe, pointing with her right hand to the sky above, for wisdom.

At this point, I can’t see a torso. Oh, all of those curves above our gate might be her legs, covered with the flowing robe, but then, well, she would have to either be sitting on the ground, knees spread apart with her feet tucked together under her bum, or to be sitting with her legs spread very far apart indeed, for a virgin.

Since I can’t see a torso, it just might very well be a swan, all of those curves.

So much for the virgin, tomorrow the traces of text.

Here is what I should be seeing :

  1. Katie Said,

    I think it is the Hol6 –> I see the ‘N’ under the gate with the cross-bar of the N almost the same as the cross-bar of the gate.But then again, what in the heck do I know anyway!!!

    I just love treasure hunts!

  2. Karen Said,

    See, I think I can see her, but maybe I am just being suggestible.

  3. Karan Said,

    This is fun. Do you think that some long ago Dutchman buried his treasure to protect it from the invaders? Maybe there are more there. Are you tempted to get a metal detector and spend the summer hunting? What was the value of this coin in the day it was shiny new? Would it pay the rent or buy a loaf of bread?

  4. sue Said,

    Katie, it is fun !

  5. sue Said,

    Karen, I sometimes think that I see the crook of her elbow, but I have sworn that I saw Teddy Roosevelt on the coin twice already.

    I have put a photo up under the next post, showing where I sometimes see the arm.

  6. sue Said,

    Karan, the very fact that it isn’t silver or gold tells us it never had too great of a value. However, it is so worn that I think it was in circulation for a very, very long time, which might indicate a shortage of coins.

    One part of me would love to go the metal detector route, but in the end, I find that to be very destructive of context and so will never do that.

    But it is neato to find something like this !

  7. Karen Said,

    You hardly need an entire treasure trove, when you can get so much fascination out of one tiny coin.

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