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The Coin, The End

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-27-2005

I had planned on saying more about the coin, but life- as it often does- got in the way.

Big photos :

This morning as I was writing a note to Catherine, I decided to call Daddy. As the morning progressed, I had become increasingly more suspicious , why was the Road Trip from Hell back on the agenda, in it’s full glory ? Was this one of Dad’s well, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow acts of reckless behavior ? In the end, if he has what we refer to as a medical crisis while we are on the road, I am the one who will have to solve it.

I called him and within seconds, he told me that they are going to cut his leg off on July 20.

He is behind this decision 100%. He has been in pain for two years now. He has booked a very expensive Harvard tour of Greece for next fall. He is very positive.

While I just sit here like a very small child, the words they are going to cut my Daddy’s leg off repeating non- stop in my head.

He won’t have ten toes any more, to compare the children’s toes with.

On July 20th, they are going to cut my Daddy’s leg off.

I couldn’t take good photos today, especially the back is poor. But I had a tremor in my hands today that just would not stop.

Since I had to up my allergy pills, this happens often.

But the virgin is there after all, isn’t she ?

  1. jo Said,

    Sue, I am so sorry for your news. The only consolation I can offer is the same thing happened to my Grandfather and he went on to lead a very active life after, I was going to say happy as well, but my Grandmother prevented that part – long story.
    Will you be here when this surgery is taking place?
    Will it ‘solve’ his problem?

  2. sue Said,

    Mike and I and Meg will be there.And for three weeks after. I still haven’t told the children, maybe I should have Dad tell them.

    It should solve the problem, which is a very unusual sort of infection in his knee.

    I just wish it were later and that the children were in bed and that Han was home.

  3. sue Said,

    I find myself wondering what they do with those legs that they cut off.

    And find it very hard to think that any part of a man that I love so dearly could be casually discarded. The knee that I was bounced upon, the calves that pumped up and down as I learned to ride a bike, the one bare leg swinging over the other as we sit at the lake and sip beers, and dream our dreams of next year’s vacations.

    Yes, a melodramatic beast am I.

  4. cindy Said,

    Oh I am so sorry Sue! I hope it does improve things for him though.

    I logged on to respond to your post re: returning to grad school. Did I dream it? I was going to say that 5 yrs ago my sister decided to return and get her Masters in Museum and Field Studies to add to her anthropology and world religion degrees she earned from UVA in 1979. It took her 2 extra years to do it because of family responsibilities, but she graduated last month and is thrilled and proud beyond words. When she was pondering it, I said why not? Life will happen along the way whether you do or not.

    I hope you have a good trip.

  5. Karan Said,

    I’m sorry your dad has had to wage a long battle with his pain as well as lose his leg.

    I have a friend who at 32 had to make a similar decision. He was debilitated by pain for a long time and by the time he decided to go ahead and get his leg amputated, he was gung ho for it. It was very hard for me to understand that anything could bring someone to the point of cheerfully giving up a limb, but he did it and once it was gone, he was very happy with his choice.

    He opted to have his leg cremated and he keeps it in a mason jar in his cupboard. He says he plans to join his leg when his time is up.

    I think that once you are in a better frame of mind you can tell your kids about the operation so they can get all their questions out and answered before the operation. Maybe your dad can help you with some of the answers.

    It sounds like your dad is going into this with a very good attitude and with a plan to move on. Good for him.

  6. jakapk Said,

    My goodness, this is so much for you all to have to take in- my thoughts are with your family- and I hope for a very good out come.

  7. sue Said,

    Yes, I definitely have to get my head together on this one. I’m thinking along the lines of telling the two youngest some nonsense about a computerized leg. I’m a bit worried about Meg, as she has growing pains in her legs sometimes which really hurt.

    We will be going to Boston, Niagara Falls, my father’s cousin’s place in Ohio, Pittsburgh, Mount Pleasant and Covington Kentucky.

    I am glad we are going to Mount Pleasant ( my *roots* stop) but have nothing prepared ( read : notes).

    Just have to get my act together here. Make a fun vacation.

  8. Angie Said,

    I am very sorry to hear of your father’s illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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