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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-19-2005

Today we went out with Uncle Jimmy to feed the fish, the carp. We were an hour late, because my dental appointment took 2.5 hours rather then the expected .5 hour. Most of the extra time was spent telling the folks there how my Daddy ( their word, not mine) was doing.

Fine would not do as an answer.

We ran from Bubba’s to Uncle Jimmy’s and we took off down the lake in his boat. Once he had the boat out into the lake, he had The Boy take the wheel, and The Boy drove us to the fish. Our destination was a tiny snack bar, where one can pay a few cents to fill up a baby bottle with crushed crackers and go out onto the pier. Once out on the pier, huge carp ( 2- 2.5 feet) come up and actually suck on the baby bottles.

I didn’t go last year, so it was new for me.

After a half an hour ride, we arrived at our destination to find that they were not open. But just outside of their door, were two baby bottles. Uncle Jimmy had brought a packet of saltines and so we filled the bottles.

We loved it. Huge carp swam around us, The Boy placed a cracker between his toes and lowered his foot into the water: Har, we laughed ! We stuffed the bottles into the gaping mouths and simply laughed and laughed.

We came home tired and filled with the dregs of a fine time.

And The Father heard, in stately, well paced tones, just how many people lived full time at the lake and how many rented, were weekend lakers.

What a fine place this is, what fine people live here.

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