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Overheard, II

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-29-2005

( Next evening…)

Dad : You could land in Hartford….

I am catching a distinct message here. I only wonder : why ?

  1. Karan Said,

    Oh geography fairy, please smite me so I can figure out where Sue and her daddy are talking about.

  2. JoAnne Said,

    You know….I only live about a 90 minutes from Hartford. So odd to think that your old stomping grounds in MA are not that far from here, and I only ‘know’ you as a person living in the -I’m sorry – Netherlands? Right? Anyway. I spent some time in NH earlier this summer and driving back through Amherst, I thought of you, a person I really don’t know, and I wondered how your dad was, and how the garden was doing, too. The world is, was, and always shall be a marvelously strange and surprising place.

  3. Steph Said,

    Hi Sue, lurking here and wanted to stop and say hi, hope you are feeling better.

  4. sue Said,

    Karan, Springfield is in Western Ma. About the only thing I would like to see in Western MA, is a summer house that I hear Edith Wharton had out there.

    Hartford is in Conn. My Dad’s favorite deli is somewhere around Hartford, ergo Hartford.

  5. sue Said,

    It is, JoAnne. I often find myself thinking about people I have only met online, wondering how they are doing.

    It might seem odd to some, but I enjoy it.

  6. sue Said,

    Well, Steph, thanks for asking, but I feel like the wicked witch I’m melting !. It’s no longer a bright side or at all funny. But I am eating my yogurt as advised and am hoping things calm down soon.

    I can’t stinkin’ eat ! I took everyone out to Ryan’s tonight ( the kids LOVE Ryan’s) as it was fish night and here is what I ate : 12-15 peaal and eat shrimp and 4 grilled shrimp. I was so stuffed, one more bite wouls have thrown me over the edge.

    I am not amused. I like food. I LOVE food.

    More yogurt tomorrow…

    And I love your chook pics….

  7. Catherine Said,

    Poor, poor you!

  8. sue Said,

    I am quiet the whinner right now, eh, Catherine ? There are just so many things I want to eat here and I CAN’T ! The spirit is willing and all of that.

    And how are all of you ? Did you take Callum to see Sith ?

  9. Ann Said,

    Sue… Thanks for your comment on my site- like you, there is much more to the story…..

    I too feel close to the people I’ve met on-line. Just hope that maybe we can met before you head home…

  10. sue Said,

    Ann- oddly enough, the obit in today’s paper caught my eye. It was …like Jo Anne says.

    I won’t be able to see anyone this trip. Yes, another story, but he good news is that things are going very, very well with my Dad.

    Much strength to your family in the coming days-


  11. Steph Said,

    oh dear! I hope you don’t grow permanently sick of the yogurt. ow much longer until you can at least get to soft, chewable foods?

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