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What Would It Take ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-18-2005

The Father has always, always wanted us to live in America.

Now, like Satan, he dangles historic homes before my eyes. He adores the PA and VA landscape, all of those rolling hills.

Satan tempts me with Tara.

Some temptations are hard to shun indeed.

  1. Karen Said,

    That’s ok, you can think about it tomorrow.

  2. Karan Said,

    I’m curious….what is about here that makes Han want to move?

  3. eliz Said,

    Karan has a good question. What is it that makes him want to move?

  4. jakapk Said,

    Tara is/was- a grand and beautiful place-

  5. sue Said,

    He dangles this :

    and this :

    before my eyes.

    With our,oh, 300 square meters of land, Han wants acres. And he knows that I simply love old homes.

    And Han wants Tara. I kid you not. He wants that stinkin’ staircase.And land stretching out before him as far as the eye can see.

    Eh, we like to dream.

    I know, I know, the maintenance kills ya…

  6. jakapk Said,

    O.k. they are both so, so beautiful- the second one, Tara#2, the yellow mansion, has my vote- but who could resist that front porch on Tara#1- I say- if the man wants Tara- give him TARA- have fun!

  7. eliz Said,

    Umm, Sue, I’ve been to the yellow house.

  8. Jo Said,

    I love the outside of the yellow house, but hate the kitchen. All that bland wood. Ugh. But the interiors of the white house? Oh my, my, my.

  9. sue Said,

    Ok, Eliz, become Han’s new best friend : do tell !

  10. eliz Said,

    Arg! Just lost my comment.

    Anyhow… the house didn’t look like that when I was in high school. Went there with a horsey friend and her mother. lol I do remember thinking that it needed the big boxwoods like Castle Hill (Shadwell area). I used to teach a little boy whose parents owned Castle Hill. Cool, cool place.

    A historic home that is for sale is the “Key West” house in Charlottesville. Nice house. I don’t really care for that area of town though.

    You can take Han to Ampthill. I stayed there when visiting a friend who was the farm manager. Check it out. I wonder what happened to Dale and Jimmy.

  11. sue Said,

    Town… when thinking Han + home, think Green Acres. Boy wants land.

    But in the end, we are simply building day dreams and aren’t they so nice ?

  12. eliz Said,

    Day dreams are nice. He can live a bit of one at Ampthill though. I learned to help herd cattle, use a haybaler, fish and all sorts of things there. We will not mention what happened when they sent me to gather eggs one morning. Dale about died laughing.

    “Key West” wasn’t in town when I lived nearby. It was out in the country. There’s a log cabin nearby that marks where George Clark was born (or lived — I can never get it straight)

  13. sue Said,

    Oh, we could not follow your links, but you must know, I shall never sell our home.

    But Han should like to find Tara, a place to dream about, for tomorrow.

    A place set just in the middle of the east coast, not too far from D.C., not too far from NYC, not too far from Atlanta.

    You know, a business write off- a stinking old place, which needs tons of money, some sucker to keep the history intact, we could call it the American Office.

    But in truth, we would find some old house, which costs a fortune to maintain and…maintain it.

    We both just stinkin’ love history.

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