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Jet Lag

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-16-2005

I have to find some balance here.

I always find the time change coming Home to be devastating and now is no exception.

The first night, I fell asleep at 10- ish and things looked right on track. Last night, I went to sleep at 10-ish and awoke just before 11. As in wide awake.

I was up until after three.

I awoke this morning to the continuing drama of life with a pre- teen, ill- timed as it started before even one sip of my morning coffee. I found the porch covered in dog shit ( oh, this is why we have a play ground ) and as I started unpacking, I found The Baby’s drawers stuffed to the gills with the orphaned socks which used to live in the laundry room before it was cleaned.

Oh, let me return to my rose colored view of life soon.


  1. Chrysalis Said,

    Oh, can I share the frustration! Being two weeks in Europe every month, jet lag is my near-constant companion. However, for some reason the jet lag hasn’t been as bad for me this trip. That is, I’ve gotten three, four, and six hours sleep the last three nights, respectively. I usually don’t manage to sleep six hours until the second week …

  2. Nean Said,

    Oh, me too. It takes me a solid week every time to stop waking and sleeping at weird times. It seems to be the same no matter what I do.

    I came home to Paul having reorganized the upstairs and so spent the first week blearily trying to find Douwe’s clothes in Daan’s cabinet and climbing up into the attic to get back various things I use every day but which he could not imagine a use for.

    Mostly I just resolve not to comment on anything (or act on my murderous fantasies, lol) for the 7 jetlag days, whereupon if it still seems important I plan to bring it up. Has never happened, but it might, sometime.

  3. sue Said,

    Chrys- I never have trouble flying to the States, but this direction is really, really ghastly. I can’t imagine the swings that you must go through.

    Enjoyed your photos very much and your wife is looking very well and happy indeed- did the children go with you ?

  4. sue Said,

    Neaner- right now, I’m spending my time telling myself to keep my mouth shut, keep my mouth shut. It is- I think- about time for me to list the positive things : the curtains are washed ! The new lamp is hung in the kitchen closet !

    Yes, I need lists and sleep….

  5. Cindy Said,

    Welcome home! I hope you’re starting to pull out of the jet lag. My sister always has an awful time flying east to come visit here too. ((hugs))

  6. Jakapk Said,

    Welcome Home everyone- Sue- you could always use the now famous Blackbird chant for sanity-repeat after me “ginandtonic-ginandtonic” It has become one of my favorites! (Thanks Blackbird!)

  7. Chrysalis Said,

    This time we left them home, with their grandfather . Believe me, with him, a good time was had by all! And yes, it’s always a tad harder for me going eastbound, too.

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