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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-25-2005

I don’t see much of The Girl these days, for the younger children and I are already on a school schedule, while she still does not start at her new school until Monday.

So I get up at 6.45 and am back from the little hell hole down the street at 8.30. Around 10 she ambles down. By 10.50, she is catching the bus to the manege.

During the few minutes that I saw her Tuesday morning, I mentioned that on Monday, a lot of her old class was spotted at the school yard, visiting, I suppose. She supposed that they were bored and had nothing better to do. And then she added that she wasn’t bored one bit, she certainly had more interesting things to do then hang out at her old primary school.

This morning she took my camera and a wad of cash, for she is going to spend the night at a horsey girl’s house and then the next morning they are going into the Big City to go shopping. I gave her money for lunch, money for two tops and money for school supplies. I do hope that she starts buying her own clothes, as I no longer have a clue as to what she likes and dislikes.

I encourage all of the children to be independent, to do things on their own, hoping that they won’t end up introverted, rather helpless weenies like me. It seems to be working.

And while she drives me nuts most of the time that I see her , forcing me into uber nag mode, I find that I miss her and hope that I see more of her once her school vacation is over.

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