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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-30-2005

Point 1 : When men have a mid- life crisis, they usually buy small sports cars. Usually red or black

Point 2 : When women have a mid-life crisis, they may- or may not- buy tacky clothing.

Point 3 : Our house has one mirror. It is in our bathroom. The Father is 6’4. I am 5’2. If I stand on my toes, I can just see the tops of my eyebrows in our mirror.

So, you figure out how I took this. For the what i am wearing today thing.

I love my tarty pants.

  1. Catherine Said,


  2. blackbird Said,

    I don’t give a rat’s ass how you took it!
    You are a tiny, skinny, lovely looking creature!!
    And I NEVER use exclamation marks!!!

  3. Karen Said,

    You look fuzzy, mostly. But there’s definitely some cool chick business going on there. Nice jeans.

  4. sue Said,

    I stopped taking photos a while ago because I have a tremor that comes and goes in my hands. In fact, it only seems to pop up when I hold a camera.

    Fuzzy or not ( the mirror was steamed up from Han’s bath as well)it is a flattering photo. If it were not, I would not be showing it, now, would I ? In my opinion, those cannot be my thighs… But at my age, who cares ?

    But they are indeed wicked tarty pants…

    They seem ,hum, I’m too sexy for….

    An old woman’s folly.

  5. jo Said,

    You my dear, are a twig!

  6. Steph Said,

    old woman indeed! You look fabulous darling.

  7. JoAnne Said,

    LOVE the tarty pants, you tiny twig of woman, you. From the mirror, you appear to be a teen, and I think perhaps you’ve been deceiving us all along.

    Tell me about the print on the back wall, please?

  8. sue Said,

    JoAnne, it is not a print. We have two carved, oh, plaques ( ?) from Thailand hanging in our bathroom. Don’t ask me why. I came home from a summer with the kids in the states and found them hanging there.

    Right click this link to open it in another window.


    The truth about the photo of me is that all that one really sees is my *bad* attitude. A *good* attitude photo would show me wearing an apron.

  9. sue Said,

    make that :

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